2013 Post Season Football Central


Alabama has been selected to play in the Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, LA vs. Oklahoma, on Thursday, January 2.

2013 Important Dates:
  • Priority Request Deadline: Tuesday, December 10 at 5 p.m.
  • Request Fulfillment Emails Sent: Wednesday, December 11
  • Tickets Shipped: Wednesday, December 18 (Tentative)
2013 Bowl Game Information

Please place a request for all of the games in which you would like to purchase tickets. The ability to request tickets does not guarantee you will receive tickets. Requests will be filled based on the following criteria:

  • TIDE PRIDE Members Tide Totals Priority Points
  • UA Lettermen Last year lettered
  • UA Faculty/Staff Years of service
  • UA Students UA earned hours (as of Summer 2013)
Bowl Game Allotment Price(s)
Sugar Bowl (January 2) 17,500 $160 - $225

For all post-season games, tickets will be offered to TIDE PRIDE, UA Faculty/Staff who purchased and received 2013 season tickets, Lettermen who purchased and received 2013 season tickets and current UA students. Quantities and percentages offered to each group are as follows:

Ticket Limits for all post-season games
Faculty/Staff 5% Limit of 2
Lettermen 10% Limit of 2
Students 12% Limit of 1
TIDE PRIDE Limits are determined by Tide Totals Priority Points
Ticket limits for TIDE PRIDE
Point Ranges SEC Ticket Limit Bowl Ticket Limit
4800 & up 8 8
1100 4799 4 4
465 1099 2 2
464 & below 0 2 (if available)
Seat Allocations

For TIDE PRIDE members, seat locations will be determined according to Tide Totals priority points. The ability to request tickets does not guarantee that you will receive tickets. If demand is greater than the allotment of tickets the University receives, requests will be filled based on Tide Totals.

For UA Faculty/Staff and Lettermen who purchased and received 2013 football season tickets may request a maximum of 2 tickets and will be assigned based on their season ticket priority. For lettermen, requests and seat assignments will be filled based on last year lettered. For faculty and staff members, requests and seat assignments will be filled based on years of service.

Shipping Information

Please be sure when placing your request that your shipping information is correct.

Bowl game tickets will be shipped via UPS 2-day delivery approximately 2 weeks prior to the bowl game.

Notification will be sent via email when tickets are shipped from the Alabama Athletics TIDE PRIDE/Ticket Office.

If you have any questions, please contact the TIDE PRIDE Ticket office at (205) 348-2262.



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