Volleyball 2004 Preseason Journal Part 12: Abbi Blackburn


Monday, August 23, 2004

Abbi Blackburn

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the twelfth in a series of daily journals written by Crimson Tide volleyball players.  The journals will give a first-hand account of their experiences as they prepare for the 2004 season, and give an inside look at Alabama Volleyball.


Hmm... Where to begin? Well, it’s 6:25 pm on the 22nd day of August and I’m chillin’ in mi casa. Looking back on today I have many different feelings. Our day began an hour later than usual thanks to a request made by the seniors to push practice back by an hour. Things may have began a little shaky this morning (right Potter?) but I think we picked it up to have an awesome practice.

We started off with passing, a warm-up favorite, to get our feet moving and our competitive mind-set flowing. Jami, our strength coach, is home in Texas. She normally leads us in stretching each day. Because of her absence, the one and only Heff took the bull by the horns and graced us with her leadership in the stretching department. (Oh, what would I do without you, Heff?) After stretching we took some hitting reps (so much fun with our awesome setters, Meg and Binks). With our arms warmed up and the setters ready to go, we moved on to sideout offense and then to competitive 6 vs. 6 drills. As we played I think we made obvious improvements in the areas we have targeted the past few days such as serving and passing. Kory was ripping the jump serve but Mary Beth was passing nails out of the 6 zone. We ended practice with our daily ball count and some stretching. Oh, and I can’t forget the fun trips to the training room with Mandela. Those times are always a “party” as long as Binks it there to get it started.

Abbi BlackburnAround 3:30, Rach, Katie and I headed over to the Ferg to pick-up our books. The excitement of seeing those lovely bound pages was almost too much to bear. It’s wonderful not only to have one anthology of American Literature but at the sight of two wonderful works of short stories and poems I nearly fainted. (I apologize for my brief departure into my world of sarcasm. I actually enjoy class and English is one of my favorite areas, contrary to what might by perceived by my previous statements.) At the Ferg, we ran into Crystal “the Juice” “Jing Jing” Hudson. She was, as always, talking it up with a stranger. This girl, however, did seem nice and was almost as talkative as Crystal.

The rest of the night flew by. I faintly remember watching the US Women’s volleyball team crush Cuba in the Olympics (Go USA!!!), I talked to my Momma and my brother and sister (one of my everyday events) and I made a new baked chicken concoction, of course, that was pretty good--not my best, but good. Now I’m sitting here, waiting for my laundry to get done, listening to Maroon 5 (yeah Sean, I know you’re gonna give me a hard time for this but I really like them) in almost disbelief at how I could write so much about what seems like such a boring day (aside from practice, coaches ?) which is so much like every other day of  my life (which I think is pretty good--relaxing is essential and so I incorporate into my everyday life).

So before I go I’d like to leave everyone with two thoughts:

First: Rachael read this joke on the back of a Taffy candy, if you understand it you are one in  a million.

Q. Why do Bulldogs have flat noses?
A. They park cars. (I really don’t get it. Why would bulldogs park cars?)

Second: An amusing but inspiring anecdote that my dad told me but I think it’s from Catch Me If You Can.   ~ Two mice fall in a bucket of cream. One mouse gives up and drowns. The other mouse keeps struggling until he turns that cream into butter. And then crawls out.

I’m a dork. Anyway, come to our games (Sept. 1 is our first home game) if you can.

Roll Tide,

Abbi “Fet” Blackburn