Volleyball 2004 Preseason Journal Part 8: Sean Kelly


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sean Kelly

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the eighth in a series of daily journals written by Crimson Tide volleyball players.  The journals will give a first-hand account of their experiences as they prepare for the 2004 season, and give an inside look at Alabama Volleyball.


Today is my journal, the team manager’s journal.  Unfortunately, I do not have that much to write about seeing as to how we were all given the day off.  So here I am, the petty team manager given the cumbersome task of writing a journal on our day off...funny how things work out that way.

Well, with that said I guess the only thing that I really have to talk about is how things have been going so far.  They have been going great!  All of our players and coaches seem to be extremely excited and energetic about this season.  Personally, I can tell you that the work ethic and effort have increased exponentially since season ended in the spring.  I believe that this is due to the amount of work that has been put in by all of the players and coaches over the summer.  Almost all of our returning players have been in the gym all summer looking to improve their strengths and rid themselves of weakness.   Our coaches have been working hard to devise a practice and game plan that will develop our teams’ skills; and our new freshman have made the transition from high school athletics to college athletics rather well. 

This is our teams first fall experience with Coach Erich Hinterstocker, or Mr. Omnipotent, as I like to call him, and things have been going rather smoothly with Coaches Chris and Judy.  They are really attuned to all of our needs, from the top of the totem pole on down...to the manager.  I cannot forget our latest off-season acquisition, Kari Thompson, the new Director of Volleyball Operations.  She is fantastic.  It is sure nice to have someone with such a copious amount of knowledge concerning our great sport to facilitate all of our needs.  Why just yesterday she had her first live experience with our volleyball data base system at an inter-squad scrimmage and did a magnificent job.  Keep up the good work Kari!

Ironically, on an individual basis, our players have been doing so much to build up team unity.  They sure do find interesting ways to do it.  Last night, Jessica and Kelley had people over as a team for dinner.  Also, after practice yesterday, Crystal Hudson tried to implement a new team warm-up/dance routine, which I believe with proper leadership and participant selection will shock and awe all over the SEC.  (You can look at Volleyball Journal 7: Crystal Hudson, picture 2, for a preview of things to come)

Overall, I cannot wait for the season to get started.  I think that this will be one of the best in Alabama Volleyball history. 

Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!

Sean “Irish” Kelly