Freshman Volleyball Q&A: Leigh Moyer

Leigh Moyer

Aug. 11, 2008

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By Scott Latta, UA Media Relations

There will be five standout rookies on Alabama's Volleyball squad this fall, making up a class that, ranks as the 27th-best in the country, saying Alabama "added depth, versatility and athleticism" to the program. caught up with each of Alabama's new comers to see how they were getting acclimated to college life, what went into the recruiting process, and what their expectations for 2008 were.

Today we catch up with Leigh Moyer, a 6-foot-2-inch outside hitter, who comes to Alabama from Atlanta, Ga.

UA: Coming from Georgia, why did you choose to play at Alabama?

Leigh: I wanted to play for an SEC school with the tradition and the rich heritage, especially around athletics. Plus the closeness to home, it's only three hours from my hometown of Atlanta. The coaches were really warm and welcoming during my recruiting process and felt they got to know me as a person and not just an athlete.

UA: How did your family react to your college decision?

Leigh: I'm an only child, so for 18 years it was just me in the house, so there were some tears when I left. They definitely supported my decision. They've supported anything I've wanted to do my whole life, but I think the distance is good. They wanted to keep me close to home. It's hard on them. I talk to them a good amount of time every day.

UA: What is going to be the biggest adjustment when switching from high school volleyball to SEC-caliber volleyball?

Leigh: Definitely the speed and the overall level of play. I don't really come from a volleyball-rich state. I didn't start playing until my freshman year, so just the level of play that the other teams are going to have and the intensity on the court is going to be a big adjustment.

UA: Has it been strange having to live on your own and motivate yourself to go to class so far?

Leigh: It's definitely weird. Especially the first night you're there, you're sitting there knowing you can do anything you want, not your parents or anyone is here to tell you no, but I don't know anything in this town and don't know how to get around, and the only people I know are my teammates.

UA: Has anyone already on the team stepped up or taken you under her wing so far?

Leigh: They all have, but especially Calli, she's one of our captains this year. She helped us move in, and she called us before we got here, and I know she's always there if I need anything. She's in my workout group, too, so she's always pushing me to do my best. She's really been there for me.

UA: What high school accomplishment are you the most proud of?

Leigh: Definitely winning a state championship my senior year. My high school has never even gotten to the state finals, and to be the senior captain and get that for my school and get my school on the map is definitely my proudest accomplishment.

UA: What are you looking forward to the most, and what are your goals for your freshman season?

Leigh: I'm really looking forward to starting competition. I'm really itching to get out there and start with the team. My goals are to get stronger and to get faster and to hopefully adapt to being a freshman and being a student-athlete and learning how to balance my books and my volleyball.

UA: Do you know what you want to study yet?

Leigh: I switched from the School of Communications to the School of Business the first day. I was in the School of Communications for about 10 minutes and decided that's not what I want to do. I'm leaning toward marketing and advertising.

UA: Has anything strange or embarrassing happened to you since you got here?

Leigh: There was one night that was definitely my welcoming to college. I was trying to navigate Tuscaloosa and it was dark and raining and I didn't know anyone or where I was going, I didn't know any of the highways of where I was trying to get to. I was trying to get to Healthsouth and ended up at a hospital on the total opposite side of town.