Daily Journal: Alabama European Team Tour Day 4



The Alabama volleyball team is on a 10-day, three country tour of Europe.  The Tide is traveling to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia and will play five matches while visiting.  To keep the fans informed, the Alabama players are writing daily journals about their trip of a lifetime.  Due to limited internet access in Europe, some of the journals may be a couple of days late being posted.

Alabama European Team Tour
Day 4:  5/24/06  Maribor 
Rachael Green  #14

So you have had your share of details and pictures galore over the past few days, but now, the time has come for me to write.  And, as some of you may already know, I am not much of a writer.  Therefore, I have chosen to approach the daily journal by starting with one of my favorite quotes from a movie, I can not recall stating, “Just the facts ma’am.”  And that is exactly what I will do.

Our journey began today in front of the Rubin Hotel in Budapest, Hungary with our stomachs and suitcases packed full and loaded onto a mini-travel bus at the lovely Hungarian time of 8 a.m. (which is 1 a.m. from my body still trapped in Tuscaloosa time).  From there we deported on a 6-hour drive across the Hungarian border into Maribor.  Our final destination today was Hotel Arena, located at the foothill on the Pohorje, a world renowned ski resort.  We unloaded our bags into our room and proceeded to an incredible spa next door.  The spa included a fitness area, pool, sauna, etc.  However, most of the team decided to stay around the huge pool.  While one reason was because of the water jets, jacuzzi’s, and lounge areas in the pool, another part of their reasoning was the European choice of clothing, or lack thereof in the saunas (eww!)  After a quick shower and back to our rooms, we headed to the top of Pohorje Mountain on gondolas where we had a delicious dinner and strawberry pie dessert.  The owners were incredibly nice to us and gave us a keepsake bottle filled with blueberry schnapps.  After dinner, we headed down the mountain and took a taxi to the city hoping to enjoy club, “Stuk” (pronounced, ??shtook’).  Unfortunately, this plan failed for obvious reasons being 10pm on a Wednesday night.  So, with that, the team headed back to Hotel Arena where a few of us piled in a room together trying to find an American tv-show in a non-American country....tonight was Animal Planet.

My cell phone flashing “out of service”, tells me it is 11:30 not and my goal is to be in bed by midnight, even though my body is trying to convince me that midnight is not for another 7 ?? hours.  Which leaves me sitting in the hallways of Hotel Arena, my mind flooded with today’s events, desperately trying to descramble every last one so that my readers will not leave confused and bored.  So, goodnight Lady Tide, sleep well because we have big plans in store for tomorrow!