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Quotes from today's NCAA Tuscaloosa Softball Regional Press Conference
(Note: Florida State did not attend the press conference due to its class schedule)

Patrick Murphy, Head Coach
“Well I appreciate everyone being here. It is almost expected now that we are sitting here at the NCAA tournament. We really want to make a great atmosphere for all four teams. It is a huge honor to get invited. You are only one of 64 team to get invited to play in the NCAA’s and nobody should minimize the accomplishment of getting here.”

On ESPN covering Saturday’s match:
“Hopefully we will get there because it should be a great atmosphere with a record crowd of 3,000 people. We just need to take care of business and play one game at a time and hopefully we will be there Saturday night.”

On the 1st round loss last year
“We have told them all week long that we need to take care of business. Anyone that is in is a good team and I thought that last year we had one of the best of the four-seeds. I think Chattanooga is one of the best four seeds. It is just a situation where they (UT Chattanooga) that they can drive here so they are not a typical four seed. It is just like last year. We have talked about what happened last year.”

Charlotte Morgan, #34
“It is a great atmosphere here in Tuscaloosa. Just to be in that game will be good for Tuscaloosa and it would be good for everyone around here and college softball.”

On the foot injury
“My foot is good. Everyone has injuries. As an athlete I don’t think everyone is 100% in a college sport. I am in the boot when I am not playing and I take it off when I play. It doesn’t hold me back physically or mentally. It is just an injury.

It is just a stress fracture on the navicular bone on the top of the foot.”

Jacksonville State

Jana McGinnis, Head Coach
“First I would like to say that Jacksonville State is thrilled to be here. It has been a long time since we have gotten to experience this. It has been a lot time since our softball team has been in the NCAA tournament and we went out to Washington. We are thrilled to be here at the University of Alabama and we know they will be a great host. We are very comfortable coming here. There are a lot of good people here. We are friends with the coaching staff. We have played here many times and we are just happy to be here.”

On the nine match winning streak entering the tournament:
“I think at the end of the season it is all in the timing and when your team is hot. You want to peak at the end. Our team really started playing good the last three weeks of the season and heading into the (conference) tournament. I thought we had a really good tournament. One of the big differences in us getting on a roll is our freshman pitcher. In the last three weeks she really improved. In the last two conference outings she threw a no-hitter and she was one pitch away from throwing a perfect game. That was the difference. We saw her pitching grow and she wasn’t pitching like a freshman. Our offense has been pretty steady from start to finish and I think the key there is that we haven’t relied on one or two certain players and we have had different people one through nine step up in difference series.”


Allie Barker #4
“I would rather come here. I have a lot of friends that come here and I really like it down here.”

On beating Tennessee Tech:
“The year before my freshman year our team hosted the conference tournament and got beat in the championship so all I have been hearing since my freshman year is Tennessee Tech, Tennessee Tech, Tennessee Tech. Since I have been playing here we have had several opportunities where we could have and should have beaten then. This year we wanted to make sure that we got the job done.”

Frank Reed, Head Coach
“Thank you for having us down here in Tuscaloosa. We have been down here for Regionals several years ago and we are excited to come back. Coach Murphy is a good friend of mine and they always take care of us. We are excited to come down here. It is always a fun time to come to Regionals.”

On Alabama’s first round loss last year
“We are very familiar with Tennessee Tech and what they did here last year. That is the reason we play. I know Alabama is one of the top teams in the country and we know we have a challenge in front of us. Out of our 20 man squad 15 of them are freshmen and sophomores. We are going to go out there and give it our best. We are sure Coach Murphy has made his team aware of what happened here last year but that is the reason we play. I think we will represent Chattanooga and the Southern Conference very well.”

“I think it would only be right to throw the Conference Player of the Year for the past two years Brooke Loudermilk out there. The other pitchers have done well for us too but they are all freshmen. Brooke gives us the best opportunities to try and win that game. I’m not saying we are going to stay with her the entire game but she is a fantastic pitcher and I think you guys will get a chance to see that tomorrow night.”

Tara Tembey #7
“That you for having us. We are really excited to be here. I know the team is really excited. We have a good team and we are ready to play. We are here together so we are excited.”