Alabama Quotes vs. Washington



Washington vs. Alabama
Game 2 ?? Super-Regionals
May 26, 2007

Head Coach Patrick Murphy:
Opening Statement:
Congratulations to Washington and Coach Tarr. She stepped into a difficult situation, I knew a little bit about her position when she was hired. I know it’s got to be a thrill for her to take her alma mater to the World Series. I’m sure they’ll do very very well and I wish them good luck.

Emotions after the game:
It’s difficult because we have five really great kids that are seniors. We had a pitcher that just exceeded all expectations. This is an overachieving group. Coming in, we just didn’t know what we were going to get. We should feel very good about ourselves, being a game away, being 5 to 5 in the sixth inning. I’m very happy with everybody.

On the turning point of the game:
The clutch hit by Dominique. We had a chance in the bottom of the sixth with a runner on second and we didn’t get it done. I think that would’ve added a lot of pressure to them.

On Alabama pitcher Blair Potter:
She pitched very well for the first four innings. She just lost it a little bit, and the changeup hurt her, the double off the wall. But she didn’t have too many mistakes today.

On Washington’s home field advantage:
Two years ago we went to College Station with seven seniors and three very good juniors. Immediately we took the crowd out of it. In the first game we beat them 4-1 and then swept them the next day. To be successful in softball, you have to have that core of leadership of fighters and really talented kids. A year ago I said it’s not that important, it’s not like a college baseball atmosphere. But I’m going to retract that, and now it’s a definite home field advantage. It woud’ve been the same way in Tuscaloosa. There would’ve been 2000 people in the stands screaming “Roll Tide.” It’s a definite advantage now to be in the top eight.

Sophomore Outfielder Brittany Rogers:
We were definitely prepared to come out and fight tough. It didn’t work out for us this evening, but we’re going to learn from our games this season and come out and face next year head on.

On Alabama’s comeback inning:
It meant a lot to us. Going into that inning, we didn’t doubt one bit. That’s the great thing about this team. We know that we can come back, regardless of what the score is. I think it’s amazing that we can come and push through with the fight that we’ve had for the past month and a half and to get to this point and still come back and tie it up. I think that says a lot about us as a team. I’m very proud of every person that was in that dugout.

Junior Outfielder Dani Woods:

I think it was really important that we scored first. We talked about that all season, letting our team score first. I think that that gave us some confidence, but it wasn’t enough to carry over.

[Danielle Lawrie] is most definitely talented. She’s very good technically. We have a very strong lineup, 1 through 9. And I have to give her props for coming out and playing the game she did.

Her off-speed is kind of like a back-door curve also. We faced one pitcher last week who threw a back-door curve, but it wasn’t off-speed. That pitch is a great pitch. She’s a great pitcher all around.

We could’ve done more. But everybody could do more. We talked about it last night, we came out fired up and we were prepared to execute when we needed to. And we did do that. Some things worked for us and some things didn’t.

Freshman First Baseman Charlotte Morgan:
On her bases clearing hit in the fifth inning:
It felt great. I was glad that I could come through for my team at that point in time. We believe that anyone can come up and do it.

We always look forward to next year. We just need to work on what we’re struggling with. We have 1 through 9, actually 1 through 18. It’s unbelievable the number of hitters on our team; anybody can hit the ball. I guess train hard and work hard and pick people up.