NCAA Tuscaloosa Softball Super Regional Press Conference Quotes



May 21, 2014

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - The 2014 NCAA Tuscaloosa Softball Super Regional held its media and practice day Wednesday afternoon at Rhoads Stadium. Quotes from the press conferences are below:


Head Coach Patrick Murphy
Opening Statement:
"First, thank you for being here and I'd like to welcome Nebraska. I think it is the first time they have ever played here. It is more difficult in a situation like this because I wish we didn't have to play them. I respect all of their coaches - they are great people. I worked with (associate head coach) Lori Sippel with team Canada in 2005 and 2006. She was the head coach and I was the assistant. She is an awesome lady. Diane Miller, their second assistant, took over for me when I was the head coach at Northwest Missouri. I know she knows her hitting. (Nebraska head coach) Rhonda Revelle I have known for years and years. I was the NFCA president for two years and she took over for me. So now I am the past president and she is the current president and we have been in board meetings for four years together. It will be fun to play someone different too. It is really cool to have them here and I know that it is going to be a really competitive super regional."

#32 Utility, Ryan Iamurri
On what they know about Nebraska:
"We know that their pitcher-catcher duo is very good. They are twins and that chemistry alone is a great tool they have. Anyone who can go into Missouri's house and can beat them on their field in front of their crowd is someone to be considerate of. We know they can hit and we know that they have two great pitchers."

On home field advantage:
"Getting to play one more weekend at home is a privilege for me and the other four seniors. The crowd has been there from day one. That is one of the huge selling features for Alabama. When you come in, there are thousands of people who have your back. If someone raises their hand, the whole crowd will stand up. If [pitching coach Stephanie Van Brakle] doesn't like a call, the whole crowd has her back. I have played two super regionals at home and one away. The difference is incredible. When we play at home it is a whole different ball game. It should be sold out both days. We need our fans for sure. I never want to play a super regional away again. It is very important to be a top eight seed for that reason."


Head Coach Rhonda Revelle
Opening Statement:
"We are thrilled to be here - there is such great softball tradition here. Alabama is such a storied program. The fans are outstanding. It is a really rich softball community. We have felt extremely welcomed. It reminds me of what I have experienced for 22 years at Nebraska; we are all about the Huskers when you play at home but you also are very respectful and courteous and treat the guest politely."

#2 Pitcher, Tatum Edwards
On competing on the road:
"There are a few of us who understand what it means to compete on the road in the post season, especially in a climate like this. There is a little bit of familiarity with this in the upper classmen who have gone through that and were here last year. But this is a different team, definitely a different climate and space to play in. It will be cool to be a part of it and experience it."

On last weekend:
"Our talk after the game we lost (opening game vs. Kansas) was pretty tough. We came to the realization of what we were really facing. We all came together and knew what we needed to do. We just stayed in our bubble. There was a lot going on outside that could have distracted us, but I feel like we took that and stayed together as a team. We fought it head on and knew that we had to win the next games and take down a great opponent. We stuck with our game plan and that is what helped us push through."