NCAA Tuscaloosa Softball Regional Press Conference Quotes



May 15, 2014

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - The 2014 NCAA Tuscaloosa Softball Regional held its media and practice day Thursday afternoon at Rhoads Stadium. Quotes from the press conferences are below:


Head Coach Patrick Murphy
Opening Statement:
"First, I'm just really pleased, I think this is 10 in a row at home. Time really flies when you're having fun, and it's been a lot of fun. I want to say congrats to SIUE. This is their first trip. Upstate was here last year, and South Alabama was here a couple of years ago, but we know that all three teams are going to be really, really good competitors. I think the more we've thought about the regional and looked at some other regionals, and looked at years past, this is probably one of the toughest roads of any of the teams here that are going to have to get through this regional. We're the only regional in the country that has three top 25 teams. South Alabama and Upstate are 2 and 1 in team ERA in the country, so it's definitely a loaded regional."

#6 Jordan Patterson, U
On how the coaches prepare them for other teams:
"Our coaches do a really good job. They get tons of scouting reports from other teams, so even though we might lack some video on Edwardsville I think we're still prepared. We have a report on what their pitcher throws and they do a great job of finding out everything they can about other teams. I think that even though we don't necessarily have as much video on them, we still feel like we're prepared. They do a really good job with that."

On the team's mindset regarding the teams in this regional:
"I think the whole team's mindset is `to be the best you have to beat the best.' Whether we have to play the best teams in regionals or supers or at the world series, we're going to have to eventually. I think for us, it's more of a `bring it on' mindset. We don't need anyone to do us any favors. We're going to be ready from here on out for every single game."

#32 Ryan Iamurri, Infield
On how the coaches prepare them for other teams:
"However many years ago, there was no such thing as video, and that's how they had to play then. They do a good job of preparing us. We stick to our plans. If worse comes to worse, we play like we play and we'll be fine."

On the team's mindset regarding the teams in this regional:
"If we were going to go down the road past regionals, the pitching is probably just as tough in this regional than it will be the whole ride along. What better way to prepare yourself for the rest? It will be a tough weekend for sure, but it will be worth it."


Head Coach Becky Clark
On the strength of the regional:
"There is a ton of talent. I can tell you there are no teams in this region that are just going to be happy to be here. There is a lot of pitching in this region and when you look at the records of the teams that are here, the teams here that know how to win and know how to win at a high level so the competition level is going to be outstanding. We know for ourselves that we have our work cut out for us. This is a tough bracket, and we look forward to the challenge of it."

#12 Hannah Campbell, P
On what it takes to win in the postseason:
"I've learned that you just have to take it one game at a time and play pitch by pitch. Just go out there and not look at who you are playing, just going out there and competing and not being overwhelmed by anything - just another game."

On the progress of the program during her career:
"In the first year coming in, we were just trying to win conference, and making it to postseason would be great. We didn't make it my freshman year. Sophomore year we went and lost out to Alabama, but we were happy. We won conference which was the beginning of something great and the postseason was kind of like the cherry on top of the cake. We got to last year and got the chance to host so that was even better - it was the first time we ever hosted. It didn't end the way we wanted it to. Now we aren't hosting, but we are glad to be where we are. We are ready to do well in this tournament and go on."

#10 Julie Moss, IF
On facing all the tough pitching:
"I think the main thing with all of the good pitching is just stay balanced and remain calm. Kristina (McCain), our hitting coach, has really taught us to hit any kind of pitching with our swings. It's not geared for just any one type of pitching. I think as along as we stay true to our preparation that we will be fine."

On facing USC Upstate :
"I definitely think that they are a team to not be overlooked. I know in past years, we have kind of been overlooked and it has come back to bite the team that overlooked us. So we definitely don't want to be that team this year and stay focused on who we are playing."


Head Coach Chris Hawkins
Opening Statement:
"We're looking forward to playing tomorrow. Last week at our conference tournament, we had a little bit of a letdown. We are fortunate to get the opportunity to continue to play. I have a feeling that you are going to see a rejuvenated, ready to get after it type team. One of the things that I think is important for everyone to realize and understand is that all four of these teams put in a lot of hard work and effort to get here. To make it as an at-large team from the Atlantic Sun - it is the first time that has ever happened - so I'm very, very proud of our team. We have a lot of leaders on our team and we are ready to get after it this weekend. I wish it was tomorrow already."

#1 Erin Schattle, C
On this being an opportunity to establish the program:
"I think after this last weekend when we didn't do as well as we hoped, and with both of us being seniors I know we definitely want to end on top and do all we can to make a name for ourselves as USC Upstate."

On finishing out your career:
"Sadly this is going to be my last year. It's going to hit me whenever our last game is, hopefully further down the road than this, but I love the program, and I love the girls and coaches. We've had such a good run in my four years that I couldn't imagine playing for another school."

#7 Anna Miller, P
On the quality of the Atlantic Sun conference and if they've felt tested in their league:
"We have a lot of really talented teams in our conference. We play great pitchers and great hitters so all across the board we are playing good competition who challenge us and help us get better and that's really important to help us continue to get better and not fall backwards, and keep challenging our hitters and pitchers to hit our spots better and be more disciplined at the plate."

On the success of the pitching staff this season:
"We have three talented pitchers. Lexie Shubert, our freshman, has some of the dirtiest pitches I've ever seen in my life. She spins the ball at crazy rates and she encourages us and makes me want to spin the ball harder and makes Hannah (Alexander) want spin the ball harder. We challenge her to have better location and speed, and so we all balance each other out really well. We are always pushing each other forward, and (Rick) Pauly is never satisfied. He always wants us to keep getting better, and I think that it is a good mentality for all of us where we are going to be happy with our performance, but we are never satisfied when we could have had one pitch better or location better. That's his motto, he's happy, but never satisfied, and he always wants us to be better.


Head Coach Sandy Montgomery
Opening Statement:
"We are extremely happy to have won our conference tournament. Getting the opportunity here to play at Alabama is exciting for all of our kids. I know that Alabama has a great following and a great crowd, and we're going to do our best to compete and see what happens."

#7 Chelsea Yankolovich, Infield
On how SIUE's schedule prepared the team for this moment:
"(Our schedule) definitely prepared us for this moment. We're not nervous, we're confident. We've played all these teams. We've played Washington, Arizona State, Oklahoma, and those were great games. We held our own with them, and we know we can hold our own here. We're really, really excited to play at Alabama right now."

On how much confidence it gives them to go through a conference tournament and come in on a winning streak:
"We feel confident. We were hitting the ball well, we fielded really well, and it makes us feel really coming in here knowing that we can do it, especially facing Alabama. We know (Alabama) is going to be a tough competition, but we're really confident because we just came off that OBC win."

#2 Haley Chambers, Pitcher
On how SIUE's schedule prepared the team for this moment:
"It was a great opportunity to know that we can compete with teams like that. It did prepare us a lot for our season because it showed us how tough we need to be to compete not only with the people in our conference but also with the people outside of our conference in order to make it here. I think we're in a good place right now because we know what to expect."

On how much confidence it gives them to go through a conference tournament and come in on a winning streak:
"I think it's really important for all teams to peak at the right moment, to peak at the end of the season, which is exactly what we did this year. We played our best ball in the conference tournament, and it's only going to carry over from there. We're definitely ready."