Softball Meets with Media and Conducts Official Practice



May 15, 2009

Tournament Central


The No. 3 ranked Alabama softball team conducted official practice for its NCAA Regional and met with members of media Thursday afternoon at the Alabama Softball Complex. The Tuscaloosa Regional will begin play on Friday, May 15 with Chattanooga slated to face Texas at 3:30 p.m.

Alabama will open play against Mississippi Valley State at 6:30 p.m.


Alabama met with members of the media at 3:15 in the press box and then conducted a 75 minute practice which started at 5:15 p.m. The Crimson Tide worked on defense, base running and took batting practice during its allotted time on the field.



Alabama NCAA Quotes:


Head Coach Patrick Murphy


Opening Statement:

"Congratulations to the three teams.  Texas is the at-large, Mississippi Valley State is the automatic qualifier out of the SWAC and Chattanooga is an automatic qualifier as well.  I think it's going to be a great field and anytime you get to this stage of the game everybody is good and I think our team knows that and respects all three teams in this regional.  I think we have a great team, a great staff and certainly the best fans in the country."


On welcoming Texas to Tuscaloosa for the first time:

"It's awesome that the Longhorns could come.  We've invited them for years to come to a regular season tournament and maybe if they get treated well, like the area and like the facility then they will come back for a regular season tournament.  It's great to have a known team, a Big-12 team with great tradition.  They've had two of the best pitchers in the history of college softball in Christa Williams and Cat Osterman, so they know the game of softball very well at Texas."


On welcoming Mississippi Valley State:

"I told Coach Smith when we played them, I think it was in April or March, and he was good enough to play a double header because we had gotten rained out so many times, but after the game I told him that this was the best team they have had.  They are much more athletic up and down the lineup.  There is not an easy out in the lineup and defensively they are sound."


On preparing for the postseason:

"One of our players said, and I believe it was Laruen Parker, that the postseason is like being a professional ball player.  There is no school.  It's just softball, conditioning, practice, games and more of that.  The postseason is the greatest time of the year.  I don't think we change a lot about our preparation.  I think practice gets a little shorter as the year goes along, but we keep up with weights.  It's pretty much the same.  Softball is a repetition sport."


Senior Brittany Rogers

On the competition this weekend:

"These are three great teams and it's going to be exciting to get out there this weekend.  We just have to show up and execute and do the little things."


On the postseason atmosphere:

"It's the best time of the year.  It's great to be a professional softball player right now.  That's kind of what we are.  It's neat because all we have to do is wake up and go out and execute the small things then go back to sleep and dream about it."


On entering the postseason after losing to Florida:

"To be honest, every game is separate from the last one we played.  We know there are things to work on, as far as the execution part of our game, and we are continuing to improve on that.  Right now we are focusing on what is ahead of us, because if you look in the past, sometimes it will take you down with it."



Junior Charlotte Morgan

On the postseason atmosphere:

"It's just great to be able to be here.  Every game is on the line.  To be able to play great competition every game is the reason you go to Division I college ball.  This is the part of the season when it all comes down to it.  It's what you look forward to in the fall and why work hard at weights and practice."


On entering the postseason after losing to Florida:

"It is definitely good to play a great team like Florida and have the type of game like we had with them.  Both sides did good things.  We came out not winning, but we were able to take good things from the game.  Win or lose, it's always great to play the best players in the nation."