In the Dugout with Brittany Rogers

ROLLTIDEDOTCOM Brittany Rogers has been one of the most recognized players on and off the field.
Brittany Rogers has been one of the most recognized players on and off the field.

March 13, 2009

In three seasons at Alabama Brittany Rogers has accomplished what most collegiate softball players can hardly muster over their entire careers. Entering into the 2009 season Rogers has manned a four-year starting role in center field, been selected as a three-time All-American, holds the all-time single season and career stolen base records at UA, is second all-time in batting average and cracks the top five in both total hits and runs scored.

While she admits that the recognition is nice and that the various honors stand for something, Rogers is not your prototypical numbers-driven athlete. To her, softball is all about building relationships with her teammates that will translate into success for everyone on the field.

"I really just play the game to be playing it with my teammates and for the camaraderie," Rogers insists. "To me, success is executing for my teammates and letting them know that I'm actually here for them. I appreciate all the honors and accolades that come with that, but really my mentality has always been just to do my job, to be here for my teammates and to play for them."

By playing solely for the team and putting the numbers aside, Rogers has grown nicely into her role as the team's leadoff hitter and defensive anchor in center field. Although she didn't come to the Capstone with the intention of slap hitting her way up the ranks and into the record books, it's a position that she gladly accepts and works hard to fulfill.

"It's a lot of fun having the role of the girl who just needs to get on base and run," Rogers said. "My teammates kid around with me and say that all I have to do just put the ball on the ground and I'm safe. I like it. I accept my role and think it's a lot of fun."

Putting the ball on the ground and giving her legs the chance to make plays is a task that the speedster has seemingly perfected. Although Rogers demonstrates her slap hitting ability regularly by placing the ball just out of the reach of opposing defenders, she does concede the fact that it's not as premeditated as one may believe.

"I wish I could say every single at bat that I know where it's going," Rogers said. "I have an idea. I can't necessarily tell you how many bounces or exactly what spin I want, but I try to go up there with an idea of where the defense is playing and what situation we're in."

Never scared to share the credit, Rogers says that the vision she takes to the plate has been instilled in her by the Tide's coaches.

"That's something that Coach Murphy, Ally and Vann have definitely taught me," said Rogers. "They've helped me really think about the game and think about what I'm going to do before I get up there."

Now in her final year wearing crimson and white, Rogers and her fellow seniors have the Crimson Tide off to a fast start and are looking to leave a lasting mark on the UA's softball program. After laying it all on the line for the past four seasons, their goal this year is to leave as little doubt as possible about the effort they bring to the table.

"Our goal as a senior class is to play like we have nothing left to give, we want to put everything that we have to give on the plate," said Rogers. "We want to be as successful this season as we possibly can. That's been our goal - to play with a passion like we have to give everything we've got."

In addition to her on the field leadership, Rogers is also an exemplary leader for Alabama off the field. Rogers, along with fellow teammate Ashley Holcombe, was recently selected as a candidate for Lowe's Senior Class Softball Award which recognizes collegiate softball student-athletes who excel not only on the playing field but in the classroom and in their community as well.

Rogers sports a 3.87 grade point average as an Elementary Education major and serves as president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. She has been a member of the Dean's List for five semesters, the President's List for three semesters and is a three-time member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll.