NCAA Super Regional: Alabama vs. Hawai'i Post Game Quotes



May 30, 2010

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Alabama Quotes
Head Coach Patrick Murphy

Opening statement:
“I want to say congrats to Hawai’i. That is awesome for them and their program. I know (Hawai’i head coach) Bob (Coolen) has been at it there for a long time. They are going to do a great job at the World Series, so congrats to them. It is a long haul for them wherever they go. It is very difficult to be on the road for three and a half weeks. I don’t know that I could do it. They played really well today. Their starting pitcher (Kaia Parnaby) did a very good job of shutting us down. I thought we had so much fight in us and didn’t give up. We got a key hit, but stuff happens. The fans were incredible this weekend, all weekend long. The best people in the softball world are right here in Tuscaloosa.”
On Hawai’i starting pitcher Kaia Parnaby:
“I thought she slowed down from yesterday. I thought she was a lot quicker yesterday. We were hitting a lot of pop-ups. I think we had six out of ten outs that were pop-ups at one point. That isn’t like us. Check swings led to poor at bats. Our girls might have been anxious. I thought we were going to get on a roll after Charlotte’s home run, but then we had a couple of not very good at bats. We usually keep the inning going, but we had a couple of stalls that hurt us. Even after the three run home run, I thought we needed some more runs.”

On his thoughts on this season:
“I think we definitely overachieved. We won 28 in a row with seven new people in different positions. We had a whole new lineup. I think we just overachieved. They worked extremely hard. This was one of the best teams we have had in terms of likability. There are some teams at the end of the year that you are just counting the days, but we never took that outlook with them. They were great kids, great students. We are going to really miss the three seniors. There really isn’t anyone on that team that I would trade. You usually don’t say that after a year. It’s rare. They are just great kids.”

Junior Pitcher Kelsi Dunne
On the power in the Hawai’i batting line-up:
“Like we said yesterday, they have great hitters. They lead the nation in home runs. Every single one of them fought out there. They made me work hard. That’s what good teams do. They make other pitchers work hard. They are dangerous. Congratulations to them.”

Junior Utility Player  Whitney Larsen
On if the team was anxious at the plate today:
“She (Hawai’i starting pitcher Kaia Parnaby) gave us pitches to hit; we just missed them a little bit. That’s going to happen. Our hits aren’t always going to fall. Today they didn’t. I felt like we started to make adjustments, but it was almost a little too late. I think we fought very hard, and not once did we believe that we couldn’t do it.”

On hitting the three-run home run to give Alabama the lead:
“It wouldn’t have been possible if the people in front of me hadn’t gotten on base. Charlotte (Morgan) did good at the plate obviously. She was two for two. My teammates just put me in a good position on that at bat. She threw a pitch down the middle. I don’t know if she made a mistake, but I just tried to make solid contact. I felt like most of my at bats had been under the ball. I wanted to put it in play first and foremost, and luckily it went over the fence.”

Senior Pitcher/Utility Player Charlotte Morgan
On if the team was anxious at the plate today:
“I don’t know if we were anxious, but we saw what we needed to do. I feel like we made adjustments later on in the game.”

On having the season end:
“It hurts because we worked so hard. Obviously, we are going to be disappointed a little bit. I think this team has worked hard, stayed together and persevered. I don’t think we should hang our heads at all. We worked hard that game. We fought and came back. It was one pitch, and they got the hit. It happens. That’s why certain teams make it to the World Series, and it’s different teams each year. If we didn’t want to play a game with adversity, we wouldn’t play. We had a great year. I have no regrets. Everyone worked hard, and it was a great team to be on. The fans were amazing. I hope everyone relishes in that and the country sees how softball can be.”


Hawai’i Quotes
Head Coach Bob Coolen
On defeating Alabama and advancing to the Women’s College World Series:
“It’s been the most exciting day, other than the birth of my two children, in my life. You aspire as a coach to make it to the World Series and this team really showed resilience and fortitude out there. They showed a lot of poise and then for Jenna (Rodriguez) to bookend the day with first inning and seventh inning home runs was unreal. It was a nice feeling.”

On his thoughts as the walk-off home run left the park:
“We’re going to Oklahoma City. It stayed up there and there was no wind to push it to the left, it was like ‘we made it.’"

On the importance of getting the early lead:
“That was huge. They were anxious a little bit with Kaia (Parnaby). Kaia is a corner pitcher, she’s not an overpowering pitcher. Getting the 3-0 lead put the pressure on them (Alabama) and Kaia was comfortable with that. I saw a totally different person on the mound today. Her competitive edge was there, her freshness was there.”

On his offense in the final inning:
“We had 1-2-3-4 up and all I had to do was get one runner on. Kelly (Majam) is the table-setter and that was a great at bat. I knew that my 2-3-4 could put the ball in play once Kelly got on. That was a no-brainer. It’s not going for the one run, but two with the type of team we have. I never backed off from that.”

Junior Designated Player Jenna Rodriguez
On her thoughts during the last at bat:
“Knowing never to give up on the play and the game. Going through my head, my dad has always told me you want to be that person up with two outs and thrive on it. I came up there knowing I was going to hit because I had been hitting her all day and I came out on top.”

On if she thought the home run was fair or foul off the bat:
“I knew it had a chance of going foul. I stood there and watched it because I had to know if it was going foul or fair. It was a great experience.”

Freshman Pitcher Kaia Parnaby
On her reaction to the walk-off home run:
“I ran out and jumped around. My reaction was ‘we did it.’ It was a team effort. It was amazing. I didn’t really have too many words.”

On what she was doing to be effective in the circle:
“My catcher called a really good game. I just maintained focus and I knew in my head that I could beat them. I stayed focused even when they got a few hits. My teammates just told me to stay focused and it worked.”

On when she found out she was starting Game Three:
“I got a text this morning saying I’m the battery for today. I said ‘ok thank you,’ but my heart was racing. I knew I pitched against them yesterday and held them for a while. So I had (catcher) Katie (Grimes) and she was focusing me and relaxing me. I got really excited.”