NCAA Super Regionals: Alabama vs. Hawai'i Post Game Quotes



May 29, 2010

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Alabama Quotes
Head Coach Patrick Murphy

Opening statement:
“It was one of the best crowds we have ever had. I really appreciate everyone sticking with us with the way the weather was yesterday. Those were two really good games. You saw why Hawai’i is here. They are a very good team. The second game could have gone either way, but they made the pitches when they needed to and got the key hits.”

On how he scouted to prepare for Hawai’i:
“I just tried to call whoever from their non-conference opponents. Most of those were in February and March, so it was difficult to get anything on them.”

On how the team came out in the first game:
“We were here last night until 9:30, going stir crazy. We had an early morning start. I don’t remember the last time we had to be here at 9:30 in the morning to hit. They came out ready to play. Kelsi was awesome and Amanda connected on a couple. The hitters were zoned in and swung at strikes. They did a good job of laying off of pitcher’s pitches and hitting the ones they could connect with. They did that all day long really.”

On if winning the first game so easily affected their mentality in the second game:
“We aren’t taking anybody lightly. It was the one inning really. In the second inning, they hit the grand slam. We walked the lead-off and the next kid killed us.”

On bouncing back from the loss:
“We are just happy we get to play again. The seniors get one more opportunity, and it’s do or die. I think they are all going to come out ready to play and put it all on the line for the three seniors. I hope we have as big and as vocal a crowd as we did today.”

On the offense in game two:
“We had twelve hits and left eleven on base. We scored seven runs. We were threatening almost every inning, but just didn’t get a key hit. If we had gotten the bunt down (in the seventh inning), I think we would have scored the run. If (Jennifer) Fenton had gotten a hit with the runner on second and one out in the top of the seventh, the game is tied. We still had opportunities. (Cassie) Reilly-Boccia hit a rocket down the first base line and the kid made a great play on that one. That’s the way it goes sometimes.”

On how playing two games today changed things:
“It’s a huge difference. It would have been easier, I think. You start Kelsi (Dunne) the first game, and then she gets to go to bed. Then hopefully there is just one game the next day, but both teams had to deal with it.”

Senior Charlotte Morgan
On her last at bat of the second game:
“I saw and knew what was coming, but just mishit it. We will be up again tomorrow. We get to play one more day here, and we are going to be ready.”

On her pitching performance today:
“They just came out and hit the pitches. You guys saw the results. I did the best I could, but they just connected with it. I give credit to their hitters. If I have to go back out there, I will just do the best I can.”

Junior Kelsi Dunne
On how they are going to bounce back from losing the second game:
“This season we have had a tough schedule, and credit goes to Coach Murphy for having us face such adversity at the beginning of the season. We have lost games and come back stronger. We have been here before. All we can do is come out on fire tomorrow and do the best we can.”

On her performance in the first game:
“Like Charlotte (Morgan) said, they have great hitters. One through nine, they are capable of damage. Just going out there and believing in (pitching coach) Vann (Stuedeman) and hitting my spots is all I did. Our defense made some great plays, and we scored enough runs to end it in five innings thankfully.”

Sophomore Amanda Locke
On coming back to tie the game:
“That’s why I love our team. We have been called the comeback kids from the beginning. That is something that is great about our team. We know we can come back. Everyone was excited. The fans were into it, and it was just a great feeling.”

On hitting two home runs in game one:
“I have been working hard on keeping my elbow in and staying down on the ball. She (Stephanie Ricketts) is a great pitcher. I just picked my pitch and she happened to throw it there.”

Hawai’i Quotes
Head Coach Bob Coolen

On splitting with Alabama in the first day of Super Regional action:
“They were very competitive games. The first game, I found out who Kelsi Dunne was. Everyone in the stands was letting me know that. She is a good pitcher, she shut us down. The crowd was intense, it was a great crowd. It just made for a great two softball games.”

On Alabama having a big run in the second game:
“Well when Alabama came back, our pitcher on the mound had lost composure. Her presence disappeared. We were up 7-1 and she (pitcher Kaia Parnaby) went on cruise control. That’s something she has to overcome.”

On the different mind set in the second game:
“We don’t talk much when we lose. With moving dugouts and changing uniforms it was like we were starting over.”

On the team’s pitching plans for Sunday:
“The coaches will meet tonight and decide how we want to approach it. Stephanie (Ricketts) ended with a lot of confidence out there and I think she did a good job of collecting herself after giving up some bombs in the first game.”

Redshirt Freshman Kelly Majam
On the difference between the first and the second games:
“I think we were definitely a little more comfortable (in the second game). I think in the first game, we were maybe a little bit star-struck from the crowd and tv cameras. We didn’t play the way we usually play in the first game. We came out the second game hitting and playing better defense.”

On her home run in the second game sparking Hawai'i’s offense:
“As the leadoff batter it’s my job to get the whole team going. Usually, when I get a good hit my whole team is behind me. That’s the way we’ve been playing all year. It’s contagious. Me getting on base is my goal and hitting home runs is even better.”

On the mind set after the first game:
“It was definitely ‘just forget about it.’ We switched uniforms, switched dugouts and said ‘let’s just forget that game and start over and play Hawai'i ball.'”

On possibly facing Kelsi Dunne tomorrow:
“She definitely is a good pitcher and the whole crowd is behind her. We’ve seen her and gone through the lineup a couple of times against her. It’s just a matter of knowing the kind of pitches she’s throwing and what she threw the last time to get us out. We have to learn from it and see the patterns that they throw.”

Freshman Jessica Iwata
On both teams’s big innings in the second game:
“Our bats are contagious, we like to hit around the order. They were just getting hits, there was nothing our defense could do, they were just getting hits.”

On her grand slam:
“It was an inside drop. Coach basically gave me a few words to believe in myself and pump me up. Because they walked Kelly (Majam) he said they were leaving it up to me. I thought about that and tried to hit the ball hard.”