Alabama vs. Stanford Postgame Quotes



May 27, 2011

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Alabama Quotes
Head Coach Patrick Murphy
Opening statement:
“First, Stanford was incredible. They have a great program with great coaches. I told them at the beginning when I gave them a tour around that I wish it wasn’t them because I wanted to see them in Oklahoma City. I just respect the heck out of John (Rittman), his staff, his players, his team are a very classy group. They had one heck of a year. That was one of the best ball games we have had in the stadium, one of the best crowds, one of the best atmospheres. It was awesome.”

On what it means to make it to Oklahoma City:
“There are only eight schools, and you never know when you are going to do it again. Like I said in Wednesday’s press conference, this is the toughest part, getting there. For those two (Kelsi Dunne and Whitney Larsen) to get to go again is awesome. I hope that Jackie (Traina) starts on her road of four straight. It is just a great feeling for them.”

On his emotions:
“Everything that has gone into these last four weeks comes out. We really wanted to do it. We didn’t want to let people down, and we wanted to put a smile on their face. A lot of people were expecting this. It is difficult.”

#18 Cassie Reilly-Boccia, 1B
On her hitting:
“Right before that bat, I was in the on deck circle and Ryan Iamurri came up to me and said don’t think about it being two outs or it being the last out in the Super Regionals. This will be your moment. She really kept me focused and in the moment. It was tough not to think about a lot of different things at the same time. Jackie and I don’t even know where the ball went. All I remember thinking was, ‘Please let her get all the way from first base.' ”

On going to Oklahoma City:
“I can’t explain to you guys the feeling that we had after yesterday’s game. Obviously it was disappointing, but there was not a doubt in anyone’s mind in the locker room. I think that if we could have, we would have played right after yesterday’s game. We were so fired up. Yeah, it wasn’t our best game; actually it was probably one of our worst. When we came out today there wasn’t a doubt or hesitance. Whitney (Larsen) talked to us before the game and said, ‘We are going to be fearless today.’ I think that we were all fearless. It was a lot of fun.”

#33 Jackie Traina, RHP
On replacing Kelsi Dunne:
“I was thinking to myself, ‘You have got to pitch the game of your life here.’ (Coach) Murphy told me to spin it and not to throw the ball hard. I just went out there and had a really positive feeling. I knew I had all of my support sisters behind me. Kelsi said, ‘You got this. This is your game,’ then we did our handshake, and I got out there. It was such a great feeling.”

On hitting the single then scoring from first:
“I hit the ball and thought it wasn’t the best hit, but I was just going to run it out as hard as possible. I did, and I got on. I have all these girls behind me, so the least I could do was get on base. I didn’t even know where the ball was.”

Stanford Quotes
Head Coach John Rittman
Opening statement:
“It was a long day today. To come out and start the way we started, obviously a tough start to a long day. I knew this team would bounce back, especially Teagan (Gerhart). I knew she would come out and compete. She showed a lot of heart tonight. Defensively, I thought our team played outstanding. We didn’t capitalize in game two when we had the opportunities. Alabama did late in the game. I thought they did a great job of changing pitchers when they did. (Jackie) Traina did an outstanding job. When you see Kelsi (Dunne) for almost two and a half games I thought we were on her and I felt like we were going to explode at any time. That was a great coaching move putting Traina in there. She’s a different pitcher with a lot of velocity. Kelsi was doing a lot of changeups today, then you have Traina coming in throwing gas, and it worked in keeping us off balance. I thought our team fought really hard. This is a tough environment to play in. I couldn’t be more proud of our team. It’s always tough to end the season especially in a close game like this when you fight so hard and you fall short of your goal. We are a young team and I know we are going to learn from our experiences.”

On the pitching change in the first game today:
“Ashley (Chinn) has pitched well for us all year, and if her changeup is on it can be really effective. We needed to show Alabama something different. They were obviously on Teagan and stuff was not working. When it got to be 3-0, we thought we could come back but then when it gets to four and five at some point you have to think about your pitching situation and what’s best for the team. That kid (Teagan Gerhart) is a competitor with a lot of heart, and she came back and did well in game two.”

On what he told Teagan Gerhart after today’s first game:
“We all stayed positive with her and told her to focus on the things she does well and not to worry about the negatives. It’s like she said - you have to turn the page and re-focus and, she responded.”

#15 Teagen Gerhart, RHP
On coming back to play in the second game:
“I definitely started out the first game rough and didn’t have any of my pitches working in my favor. I had to get back in the bullpen, start over and keep working on what I know I can do. I don’t let little things get to me. Yes, they hit me, but I knew I could come back and just pitch as well as I can. If they hit me, they hit me. They are a good hitting team.”

On the momentum change:
“Right when we started the second game we knew we had it in us. We knew we had to fight. We have heart, and we never give up.”