Alabama vs. Jackson State Postgame Quotes



May 20, 2011

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Alabama Quotes 
Head Coach Patrick Murphy
Opening statement:
“I thought Jackie Traina was awesome. Obviously it’s her first NCAA tournament appearance, and she throws a no hitter, nine strikeouts, and no walks. I don’t know how much better she can be. I guess it was a perfect game. She was awesome. I thought we took advantage of our speed, our short game, crossing some of our hurries and some bobbles. We put the ball in play enough to get the eight runs.”

On being back at home:
“It seemed longer than a month. It seemed like forever. The beginning of the game was a little tight, but as the game went along Jackie (Traina) took care of the defensive side and then hit a couple balls hard there at the end. It was good to see (Courtney) Conley, (Whitney) Larsen and (Jazlyn) Lunceford swing the bat hard.”

On the regional’s first game:
“Memphis hit the ball really well. I think they had 13-1 (hits). The ratio was a little bit of a surprise. Their pitcher (Carly Hummel) did a great job and kept them off balance. We knew coming in she was a good pitcher. We like the challenge, and whoever we get it’s going to be fun.”

#20 Whitney Larsen, SS 
On the short game:
“I think it’s one of the most important parts of the game that seems to be overlooked by other teams. It’s something that we focus on every day at practice, and we know that the tougher the opponent and the tougher the game that it’s going to come down to that one bunt or that one hit and run we need to get down. I thought our execution was great this game, but it’s something we are going to continue to work on and continue to use a part of every game we play.”

On Jackie Traina’s pitching:
“She was just keeping them off balance and was hitting her spots extremely well. She was hitting the outside corner and the inside corner. I’ve hit off of her in scrimmages, and it is not fun. When you are off balance like that and you don’t know if it’s coming inside or outside. With her speed and her movement, it’s not easy to hit. I give kudos to her tonight. We couldn’t have asked for a better performance from her.”

#33 Jackie Traina, RHP 
On being at home:
“Having the crowd back is really fun. We have the best fans. It’s great when they are really loud, their enthusiasm helps the game.”

On her pitching improving:
“A lot of things have just clicked. Just becoming smarter on where you pitch them and how you pitch them and remembering where you pitched them at their previous at-bats. I’ve definitely come a long way in the last month.”

Jackson State Quotes
Head Coach Rick Fremin
Opening statement:
“I think from a coach’s standpoint you just have to pick out the positives, but it is a little frustrating when your team doesn’t. We all agreed that we didn’t play like we were capable of. I would just say that that is my main comment. This is not the same team that won the conference tournament and made that run down the end of the season.”

On the atmosphere:
“I asked them after the game if there was anything we did not share on the scouting report and they said, ‘No, you shared everything with us. It was exactly what we expected.’ That puts the coaching staff a little at ease from a preparation standpoint, but at the same time it is discouraging when you have a decent ballclub, and they don’t play to the level that they are capable of. As I have stated before, I will be a better coach as a result of this, and we will have a better program after this regional.”

On Alabama pitcher Jackie Traina’s performance:
“(We had) No hits. Again it goes back to me asking them if there was anything different than what we shared. We felt we knew what she would do, and she did that. She is a great pitcher, and she deserves all of the respect that she gets from this game and that she has all season. For our program to get better we need to continually play these types of teams and face that type of pitching, so that we are able to, whether it is tomorrow or in the future, to make some noise in a regional. From Jackie’s standpoint, she is very talented, and she moves the ball well. She has great composure on the mound. I thought that she did a great job for them. I thought we would be able to get some of the short game in play, but we were not able to do that.”