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May 18, 2013

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Head Coach Patrick Murphy

Opening Statement:

"Just a great game - we came out with two runs in the first inning on speed alone. They come back and get good at-bats and get a two-run homerun [from Katrina Metoyer] and put three up and the same kid hits a key shot. I think our competitiveness came through in the bottom of the third with three hits and I think it was one of the best innings that we have had in terms of passing it down the line - everybody just did what they needed to do. I think we had three sacrifice flies in the game, which is something we haven't had very much at all this year and I preach it all the time - it's a good thing. And then we just made enough pitches at the end."

#1 Kayla Braud, OF

On the first inning: "We have been talking about sacrifice flies this week and practicing it. Before the game Haylie McCleney was saying `you can hit away, you can do it,' and Coach Murphy was telling me, `hit away, you can do it.' My thought process is I'm not taking the biggest cut possible, it's just getting it out of the infield, that's the main thing. A sac fly would be perfect, line drive in the gap would be good, hard ground ball up the middle - whatever it takes. I just wanted to square up, get it done and I knew a run would score. That's just preparation. Like Andrea Hawkins said, we have been working all week on finding ways to score and I was so proud of the team today for being able to manufacture runs better than we have done all season."

#18 Andrea Hawkins, OF

On her performance today: "I have been preparing all week. I have been working so hard on hitting away, because I was recruited mainly for slap-hitting. The opportunity came and I was like, `I'm about to get it right now.' I just took advantage of hitting away."

On the importance of little things"We worked on [the little things] all week. [If] you sacrifice bunt, you advance the runner and keep the inning going and put the runner in scoring position and that's how things get done. We have been working hard on that and I am glad we were able to execute."



Opening Statement: "I am proud of my team in their efforts today. That was a game that was there for us to win. If a couple of plays had gone a different way, we would be on the other side of this. "


On her mentality in the scoring plays: "It felt really great. I told coach that I was just thinking that it was practice. We have music going at practice to try and simulate background noise, so that is what I was pretending it was. I went out pretty relaxed."

On a missed opportunity: "They have quick runners, and we know that, but we had some over throws that let them get into scoring position. I think if we could take those back we would be in a different position now."