Tuscaloosa Regional Game 1 Postgame Quotes



May 17, 2013

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Tuscaloosa Regional Game 1 Postgame Quotes

Western Kentucky
Opening Statement:

"Wow, this is intense. The ladies played great. I'm really proud of everything that we accomplished on the field today in this first game. I felt like we were comfortable and confident. Those are the things that we have stressed throughout the year. I thought Emily (Rousseau) did a great job on the mound, and our hitters did a great job of scoring more runs than the other team."

On pregame talk: "Our pregame talk was short. It was about what we have done all year and what has been successful for us. Either way you look at it, it's a softball game and we know how to play our game. We went out and did exactly what we've done all year. That's helped us be successful."

On Preslie Cruce's performance:
"It's huge. Preslie (Cruce) was hot and led us off with a home run and came back and had two additional great at-bats. I'm really proud of what she did for us at the plate today."

On run support:

"To know that they've got my back, it was just awesome. It makes it so much easier to just go out and play relaxed. I'm obviously still intense, but just to know that they're there is good."

On low pitch count: "That was big today. We knew that we needed to go out and get the job done. Throwing a lot of strikes was obviously the key. In a tournament like this when you're going to be playing back-to-back, a low pitch count is very nice. They made it easy because they were a very aggressive team at the bat. They swung at a lot of first-pitch strikes, and the defense backed me up and made it that much easier."

On her first home run:

"I really wanted to see a lot of pitches. That's exactly what she did; she threw me a lot of balls, a lot of pitches up in the zone. She got behind, and I was just looking for my pitch. When she threw it, I took advantage of it."

On her second home run:
"It was the same thing. I was really expecting her to throw me a first-pitch strike, so she didn't get behind in the count. She didn't, so I just stuck to my game plan."

USC Upstate
Opening Statement:

"I think we were a little jittery at the beginning, [but then] we settled down and played a little bit. Their third baseman [Preslie Cruce] can hit. We hit some balls to some people - they had a good pitcher [Emily Rousseau] - she mixed it up well and kept us off balance. We had a good few opportunities but it was good to come out and play in this atmosphere. Hopefully we will learn from what we didn't do today and get it done tomorrow."

On if it is hard to play from behind for this team:
"It is [not hard] as long as we can get some base runners. One swing of the bat with a couple of people on and we are right back in it. We had that inning where we had first and second with one out and that was a real good opportunity for us to do some things. When you haven't scored a run yet, you have to pitch to everybody. That's something that is just a part of the game - I'm just proud of the way they handled it after the game. They look more determined now. It wasn't like `gosh, failure,' it was like, `let me get back out there and play.' I thought that was a good statement for our team."

On not drawing walks:
"We're not doing the things we need to do. We went to Florida and swung at everything their pitcher threw - obviously she doesn't want to throw strikes if we are going to swing at the balls. We just have to do a better job with that and I think we will be fine. Our third baseman's phenomenal and [the ball] just went right through her legs and yesterday every ball was bouncing. It's just life - if it doesn't beat you it only makes you stronger. We are dying to play tomorrow."

On battling back after giving up the leadoff homerun:
"To be able to be a good pitcher you have to move on from that hit and just have confidence in your hitters and your team itself. That's what I try to do. Try to hit every spot and hope the best comes out of it."

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