Behind the Numbers

00 Laura Nicholls I wanted a special number and there's nothing better than #00. Plus it's been lucky for me.
0 Shanna Brooks Of course I wanted the #1 jersey but Justine has it for a few more years. #0 was my number on the Region team for ODP and I always played well in it so I went with the next best thing.
1 Justine Bernier I wear #1 to honor my Mom.
2 Katie Woolbright I've always worn #2 because it is my lucky number.
3 Kelly King I've worn #3 since I was U12 because it was my Mom and Dad's numbers when they were in college. I'm sure Tia will steal it from me after I graduate.
4 KK Duffy I've always worn #2 but decided to double up to #4 after I transferred to Alabama.
5 Kendall Khanna I've always liked odd and low numbers and there are five people in my family. My Mom, Dad and sisters have supported me so much so wearing #5 is a way to have them with me when I step on the field.
6 Kylee Brown I've worn #6 ever since I started playing soccer.
7 Ellie Smith I wear #7 because Cristiano Ronaldo wears it and he is a major inspiration of mine.
8 Josie Rix I wear #8 because it is my lucky number.
9 Amanda Ortegon I wear #9 because Mia Hamm has always been my biggest inspiration. She changed women's soccer forever and she's the reason I keep telling myself that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and put forth the work. In other words, she is my God of my soccer world.
10 Megan Petersen I've worn #10 since I was little and I keep it because it reminds me of all the games, practices, and extra workouts that have gotten me to where I am today.
11 Rosaly Petriello I've worn #11 since I started playing soccer. I wear it to honor my grandfather who passed away on the 11th day of the month. My parents thought it was a sign he was watching over me because I always chose #11.
12 Brooke Rogers I was #11 growing up, #13 when I got to high school and #12 at Alabama. It completed the sequence leading up to my Dad's number #14 when he played college basketball.
13 Lindsey Sillers I wear #13 because it is my lucky number.
14 Kaitlyn Smith I wear #14 because my Grandpa Smith's baseball number was 14. He had a baseball scholarship to play in college but his Dad had to go fight in the war so he stayed home to work the farm. I decided to carry his number into college athletics.
15 Carly Mygrants I've worn #15 ever since I started playing club soccer at age 8 and I've stuck with it ever since.
16 Ariel Armijo #16 was the closest number to my lucky number (#17)
17 Hailey Hull I was born in 89 on the 16th of the 5th month (May). (89-16-5) divided by 4 is #17. I wanted a strong number that can't be divided so it was perfect.
18 Meghan Duffy I've always been #9 but when I transferred it was taken so I doubled up my number to #18 for a fresh start in my college career.
20 Ashley Willis I wear #20 as a reminder of a group of 20 great childhood friends that I've know my whole life. Even though I've moved around a lot, it's a way of taking them with my everywhere I go.
21 Tia King #3 isn't my real number (3 is..which my sister Kelly has) but I've always liked odd numbers and 21 was my North Carolina ODP number. Plus 2+1 = 3!
22 Victoria Frederick #2 has always been my lucky number growing up but when I started playing club with Vestavia it had already been snagged so I thought, what could be better than two 2's on the back of my jersey? I fell in love with it and luckily #22 opened up right as I arrived at UA as a freshman.
23 Shannon Lathrop I wear #23 because my older brother wore it and I wanted to be exactly like him when I was little.
25 Veronika Wolfkeil Growing up I was always #12 and then when I got to high school, for some reason, I changed it to #13. I was given #25 when I got to Alabama but it felt right. 12+13=25, which seemed pretty symbolic. Everything I did in the past added up to get me to where I am today.
27 Jewelia Strickland I wear #27 to honor my Dad (its his birthday).
31 Emily Cox I wear #31 because it is the opposite of my Mom's college number (#13) and the number of National Championships Alabama has won (13). Plus I got a 31 on the ACT to get into UA which was founded in 1831 so it seemed like a good fit.
44 Theresa Diederich I started playing soccer when I was 4. My first number was #4 but KK snagged it when she transferred so I decided to double up and make some history with #44.
56 Molly Atherton After brainstorming with Jason (Lowe) I thought about finding a way to represent my hometown. My area code in Gulfport is (228)...2 x 28 = 56. Now I've got Gulfport on my back every time I take the field.
99 Courtney Pixler I've worn #99 since I started rec soccer when I was about 8 years old. There was some fierce competition to pick the best number. I always wanted #10 but another girl on my team really wanted it and since my Dad was the coach, he told me if I gave it to her, I could pick any number I wanted. Needless to say I was pretty angry and stubborn about it so I picked the most outrageous number I could fathom as an 8 year old...#99. I've stuck with it ever since, and no, it has nothing to do with Gretzky.