Orange Beach Preseason Diary by Katie Holtzapfel: Day Six


Sunday, August 17, 2003

Headshot Katie Holtzapfel
Katie Holtzapfel

Well, for the first time, I’m writing the journal tonight from a much different location than last night.  I’m not on the balcony of a gulf front condo in Orange Beach (not oceanfront, but gulf front, so they tell me), but I’m sitting on the living room floor of Joanne Jannik’s (Elizabeth’s sister) house back in Tuscaloosa.  We drove back from Orange Beach early this morning, and after lunch at Atlanta Bread Company, Coach gave us off the entire afternoon.  We met again at Olive Garden for dinner and spent most of the time recapping our preseason. 

Like years past, we spent six wonderful days in Orange Beach.  Coach, Rena, Teresa, and Jesper worked us hard in every session, and we made a conscious effort as a team to improve with each workout, but the staff most definitely allowed us to mix business and pleasure.  Coach’s approach to preseason allowed us to focus more on the quality, instead of the quantity, of our practices, and we all agree that our practices this preseason have been more competitive and intense.  For once, we’ve carried over the progress we made in the spring into the fall, and we all worked harder this past summer than ever before to report to preseason fit.  Now, with the season less than two weeks from today, we’ll continue to prepare with two-a-day practices on our home field here in Tuscaloosa, starting bright and early tomorrow morning. 

I hope this journal has given everyone insight into the Alabama Women’s Soccer program, and I apologize in advance to anyone I’ve forgotten to mention.  Thanks also to my five roommates at the beach (Elizabeth Jannik, Lauren Imwalle, Rebecca Baker, Dawn Nash, and Melissa Montgomery) for their inputs every night with the journal.  We walked off the field in Orange Beach last night after practice, and, like I mentioned before, we’re making it this season’s goal to walk back onto the very same field come November.  Roll Tide!

Roll Tide!