Alabama Rowing Earns Two Medals at Chattanooga Head Race



Oct. 8, 2011

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Alabama rowing team posted seven top-10 finishes at the 19th Chattanooga Head Race Saturday to open its 2011-12 season, including gold and silver medal performances. The Crimson Tide’s First Novice 8+ took command of the Women’s Novice Collegiate race, winning with a time of 18:25.35, more than a minute ahead of second place Emory.
Alabama’s First Varsity 8+ boat earned a silver medal in the Women’s College race, crossing the line at 17:12.91, just behind Tennessee which finished with a time of 16:55.55. The Tide’s Second Varsity 8+ took fourth place in a time of 17:34.22. The Tide’s Varsity 4+ boats finished fifth, sixth, ninth and 10th with the “A” boat crossing the line with a time of 18:17.50.

Novice 8+

1. 18:25.35 – Cox- Bernadette Bucher, Ashley Allison, Emily Osborne, Nina Danilyan, Jackie Woudenberg, Sloane Rodgers, Caroline Lendl, Jennifer Wagner, Ali Fabbro

Varsity 8+

2. 17:12.91 – Cox – Kiffy Balchon, Mariah Styer, Kendall Williamson, Bianca Arrington, Kristen Iverson, Lynsey Marshall, Audrey White, Logan O’Neil, Jessica Parker

4. 17:34.22 - Cox – Emily LeBeau, Erika Baranek, Brianne Hadar, Alyssa Drevenak, Kristen Hickman, Stephanie Varner, Maureen Purcell, Emily Chadwell, Brittney Bebek

Varsity 4+

5. 18:17.50 – Mariah Styer, Kristen Iverson, Bianca Arrington, Audrey White, Kiffy Balchon

6. 18:28.60 – Erika Baranek, Brianne Hadar, Canella Tinker, Leigh Ann Terch, Zoe Lynch

9. 18:56.46 – Alyssa Drevenak, Kristen Hickman, Emily Chadwell, Caitlin O’Neil, Elizabeth Van Zandt

10. 19:07.67 – Hannah Merrill, Kendall Williamson, Lynsey Marshall, Jessica Parker, Emily LeBeau