Rowing Completes Day One in Bloomington Despite Adverse Weather

April 25, 2014

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Very windy conditions on Lake Lemon forced the cancelation of two races at Friday's Dale England Cup Regatta, but Alabama managed to compete in four races to open action against Indiana, Notre Dame and Rhode Island.

Alabama's First Varsity 8 turned in the fastest time of the day for the Crimson Tide, completing the course in 6:50.8. The Second Varsity 8 earned Alabama's second sub-seven minute time, crossing the finish in in 6:59.0. Alabama's First Varsity 4 finished in 7:45.9 and the Novice 8 finished in 7:34.2. The Second and Third Varsity 4 races were canceled due to windy conditions.

With better weather in the forecast tomorrow, rowing concludes its weekend in Indiana starting at 7:30 a.m. CT on Saturday, April 26.

Dale England Cup - Session One
Rhode Island, 40 points
Notre Dame, 37 points
Indiana, 23 points
Alabama, 20 points

Novice 8/Third Varsity 8
Rhode Island 3V8, 7:04.9
Alabama N8, 7:34.2

Notre Dame 3V8, 6:43.7
Indiana N8, 6:45.1

Second Varsity 8
Rhode Island, 6:44.6
Alabama, 6:59.0

Notre Dame, 6:24.8
Indiana, 6:32.1

First Varsity 8
Rhode Island, 6:42.3
Alabama, 6:50.8

Notre Dame, 6:17.9
Indiana, 6:23.2

First Varsity 4
Rhode Island, 7:35.3
Alabama, 7:45.9

Indiana, 7:12.1
Notre Dame, 7:14.2