Rowing Wins Second Varsity 4+ Against Iowa

ROLLTIDEDOTCOM The Tide earned a win in its final home meet of the season on Saturday.
The Tide earned a win in its final home meet of the season on Saturday.

April 21, 2012

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The University of Alabama rowing team’s Second Varsity 4+ defeated Iowa by nearly seven seconds with a time of 8:03.1 Saturday afternoon on the Black Warrior River.

“We were happy to get the win in the Second Varsity 4+,” UA head coach Larry Davis said. “We also found that we picked up some time on Iowa in other races.”

The meet was the Crimson Tide’s third annual Power of Pink event sponsored by Tuscaloosa Toyota to help raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. The rowers were in pink for the event, which is an Alabama athletics department-wide effort to increase awareness in the fight against the disease.

It was also Senior Day on the Black Warrior River and the Tide honored Bianca Arrington, Erika Baranek, Mary Ana Christopher, Kristen Iverson, Emily LeBeau, Paige Storey, Leigh Ann Terch, Stephanie Varner and Audrey White in their last home race.

“We’re going to miss them,” Davis said. “This class has been important because it showed people what we have. They were the first step in an area where we want to continue to make progress.”

Alabama’s Second Varsity 8 finished just behind Iowa with a time of 7:01.2. Alabama fell to Iowa in the Novice 8+, First Varsity 8+ and First Varsity 4+ races.

“Today was a good day for us because one of the things we’ve been wanting to do is have everybody put their best race on the water,” Davis said. “This is the first weekend that we’ve done that and I think we can build on that.”

Alabama posted times of 8:05.7 and 6:49.4 in the First Varsity 4+ and First Varsity 8+, respectively. In the Novice 8+, Alabama finished in 7:30.6.

Novice 8+
1. Iowa 7:08.7
2. Alabama 7:30.6 (Cox- Bernadette Bucher, Kelly Boyle, Ali Fabbro, Melissa Etter, JJ Fadely, Sloane Rodgers, Brennan Glynn, Katie Gacos and Melissa Jenkins)

Second Varsity 8+
1. Iowa 6:54.8
2. Alabama 7:01.2 (Cox- Zoe Lynch, Caroline Blackington, Tabitha Coleman, Alyssa Drevenak, Maureen Purcell, Stephanie Varner, Caitlin O'Neil, Ashley Allison and Jessica Parker)

Second Varsity 4+
1. Alabama 8:03.1 (Cox- Bernadette Bucher, Nina Danilyan, Emily Osborne, Jennifer Wagner and Jackie Woudenberg)
2. Iowa 8:10.0

First Varsity 4+
1. Iowa 7:48.9
2. Alabama 8:05.7 (Cox- Zoe Lynch, Caroline Blackington, Tabitha Coleman, Alyssa Drevenak and Maureen Purcell)

First Varsity 8+
1. Iowa 6:38.0
2. Alabama 6:49.4 (Cox- Paige Storey, Canella Tinker, Leigh Ann Terch, Emily Chadwell, Brianne Hadar, Lynsey Marshall, Audrey White, Erika Baranek and Logan O'Neil)