Rowing Opens Spring Season With Scrimmage Against Michigan State

March 8, 2014

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Alabama rowing opened its spring season with a scrimmage against Michigan State Saturday, as seven Crimson Tide crews had an opportunity to compete against one of the nation's top programs. 

"Having the opportunity to scrimmage a high-level team like Michigan State earlier in the spring than we normally race is a huge plus," said Alabama head coach Larry Davis. "It helps us improve our racing skills and I know it will pay dividends for us next weekend at the Oak Ridge Invitational." 

Alabama and Michigan State ran four separate 1,000-meter pieces for each crew, as the Tide fielded seven crews while the Spartans fielded five. Davis was impressed with his team's ability to make adjustments throughout the series. 

"What I liked about how we competed was that we kept our composure and continued to adjust and improve as we progressed through the racing series." 

In the 1st Varsity 8, Alabama raced its fastest time in the first piece, finishing in 3:21.97, though the fourth and final piece proved the most competitive with the Tide finishing just 4.85 seconds behind the Spartans' crew, as Michigan State just edged out Alabama 3:18.66 to 3:23.51. Alabama's 2nd Varsity 8 was consistent through each of the four pieces, earning a best time of 3:32.58 with less than a four-second difference between the four finishes. 

Alabama's 1st Varsity 4 proved the most competitive against Michigan State, earning a best time of 3:48.44, trailing a potent Spartan crew by an average of just under six seconds throughout the series. The 2nd Varsity 4 crews and Novice 8 crews made impressive spring debuts as well, steadily closing the gap throughout the series against Michigan State. 

The Tide opens its spring season in earnest next weekend in Oak Ridge, Tenn., at the Oak Ridge Invitational. Two days of races are set to begin on Saturday, March 15. 

1st Varsity 8:
Michigan State - 3:12.34, 3:22.13, 3:19.71, 3:18.66
Alabama - 3:21.97, 3:29.83, 3:34.91, 3:23.51

2nd Varsity 8:
Michigan State - 3:19.25, 3:22.79, 3:25.67, 3:21.20
Alabama - 3:32.58, 3:36.41, 3:35.30, 3:33.47

1st Varsity 4:
Michigan State - 3:42.19, 3:50.75, 3:51.54, 3:49.72
Alabama - 3:48.44, 3:56.82, 3:56.72, 3:55.84

2nd Varsity 4:
Michigan State - 3:43.40, 3:50.77, 3:52.00, 3:56.81
Alabama 1 - 3:58.30, 4:04.68, 4:23.58, 4:13.57
Alabama 2 - 4:05.40, 4:10.70

Novice 8:
Michigan State - 3:23.29, 3:33.33, 3:34.77, 3:35.94
Alabama 1 - 3:32.31, 3:42.30, 3:41.38, 3:43.22
Alabama 2 - 3:46.38, 3:56.10, 3:52.22, 3:55.33