Quotes from NCAA Gymnastics Central Region Championships Practice Day


Friday, April 08, 2005

Sarah Patterson

NCAA Central Regional Championship
Friday, April 8, 2005
Practice Day

Alabama Head Coach Sarah Patterson

“We are now trying to qualify for our 23rd consecutive NCAA Championship from the regionals.  It never gets old, I never take it for granted.  More than anything there’s still probably butterflies in my stomach tomorrow night.”

“I remember last year we traveled all the way across the country to Oregon and it was long travel.  To know your institution has been a host and we’ve gotten the bid because we have a great crowd.  It makes us more comfortable.  The pressure is still there.  We’re comfortable with the equipment, we’re comfortable with the surroundings, we didn’t have a day and a half of travel to get us here, so I think does help us.”

“I feel we match up great.  If we do our job we’re the best team here.  That being said, you can’t afford to go out and make a bunch of mistakes. We just have to go out and do what we’re confident in doing and compete with confidence and I think we’ll be fine.”

Auburn Head Coach Jeff Thompson

“We struggled during the regular season.  It seemed like every meet we had an event that we blew somewhere at some time.  The last three weeks we put it all together.  We haven’t counted a fall the past three weeks and had our three best scores of the year so we’ll build on that.”

“One of the highlights I left out was freshman Julie Dwyer getting SEC Freshman of the Year.  That was the highlight of the year from an individual standpoint.”

“For us to come out tomorrow night, we’re happy we have the same exact rotation we had at SECs.  We follow Alabama around the events just like we did at SECs, so we’re very comfortable with that.  We’re going to have to do just as well on the first three events as we did.  The key for us is to vault better than we vaulted at the conference championships.”

Kentucky Head Coach Mo Muhammad

“It’s important to be here because first of all if you’re not here, you don’t have a chance to qualify for nationals. If you don’t have a chance to go to nationals you can’t be an All-American.  One of the things we’d like to see is more All-Americans at the University of Kentucky.”

“When we compare to last season, last season we had some positives, but not that many.  This year, we’ve been a rocky road, it’s been up and down, up and down.”

“This season overall has been a success.  We’ve accomplished a lot more things, we’ve broken a lot of school records and we’ve had a lot of kids get their personal bests.  So we’re looking forward to coming out here and having a great meet.”

Kent State Head Coach Brice Biggin

“I think this year means a lot more to us because we’ve been in some tough situations this year.  We have a very young team that’s really battled back and forth.  We’ve had some good meets.  We’ve had a lot of bad meets, but we’ve been able to get enough experience with some of our young kids.”

“Qualifying was a huge thing for us.  Some of the best teams in the country are in this region.  We’re very fortunate to be here and we’re really excited to be here.”

“I think if we go out there and perform our routines we’ll be fine.  Vault is probably our weakest event. We’ve got some low values that might hurt us a little bit.  When we go out on the other events, as long as our kids hit their routines, we’ll be fine.”

Utah State Head Coach Ray Corn

“This is the 28th year of our program and we’ve been absent from the regional tournament three of those 28 years.  It’s been the last two that we haven’t made an appearance.  First of all, we’re simply happy to be back here.”

“We’re a very goal oriented team and one of our goals was to win our conference meet, which we did.  Our other goal was to get into the regional meet.  We had no level of expectation to be national seeded, but we’re really proud of that.  What got us here was our consistency level.”

“We’ve told our team members to keep their heads down, don’t worry about scores, just hit 24 for 24.  That’s our goal.”

Iowa State Head Coach KJ Kindler

“Obviously it’s a huge responsibility for any team to know they want to go to the last competition they can possibly go to.  Reaching regionals is one step in the right direction.”

“We’re very proud to be here and to represent Iowa State University at the regional.  It’s our tenth time here at a regional competition and it’s becoming a tradition for our program.”

“We’re trying to focus on ourselves, knowing that if we do what we’ve done all season long and we’re consistent we’ll be happy with whatever happens during the competition.”