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Post-Round Quotes



May 23, 2012


Alabama head coach Mic Potter On the Crimson Tide's second round
"I don't think I had a score in mind. Just like yesterday, the idea was to stay consistent. I think we have had only one double bogey in 36 holes, so avoiding big mistakes and taking the birdies where they present themselves is the key. We did a pretty good job of it - you are going to make some bogeys out there because it is just so hard to get close to some of the holes. You are going to end up on the short side. You are going to three-putt. You just have to take advantage when you have your opportunities."

On the firmness of the greens
"I thought the greens were easier early in the morning and they get firmer and faster as you go along. They (the greens) were pretty nasty yesterday afternoon. I don't know if that will be the case every day, but I would imagine that as they get drier, they will get more difficult."

On the team playing late yesterday and getting right back on the course this morning
"I think it is a big advantage to be late, early. I have heard people say otherwise, but to me, when you play well, it is good to go to bed, get up early, go play and do not think about it. I thought finishing well yesterday was a huge momentum boost going into today, and they just kept moving forward."

On Brooke Pancake's play
"Brooke hits fairways, hits greens, and when she putts well, she is going to shoot under par every time. She just does not make mistakes. The last couple of tournaments she has not putted as well as she typically does, so she has struggled a little bit. One of the hard things for great players is that they hit it close a lot, and they miss a lot of them, they think they are putting poorly. When actually they are just hitting it better than everyone else is and have a lot of chances, so it seems bad to them. Largely, I think, that is the case with her. She has been hitting 15, 16, 17 greens in a round and shoots around par and its discouraging to her."

On Hannah Collier's play
"Hannah, last February, had a hard time breaking 90. By the end of the year last year, she finished sixth in the SECs. Really, her biggest obstacle now is that she does not know how good she is. This is the perfect golf course for her, she hits it really long and really high. This course sets up great for a high-ball hitter, which she is. She is going to figure out that it is okay to make a bunch of birdies and not offset them with bogeys pretty soon."

On the importance of the No. 4 position in college golf
"Depth in college golf is really important. I don't think the fifth player is going to win a tournament for you, but they can really help. If they can make everyone else comfortable, that is the key. Then the fourth player, I consider Hannah in a group with our top four. We have three All-Americans, and Hannah is right there with them in terms of ability."

What has been different this year?
"I think you have to learn how to handle expectations by being there. Going in last year as one of the favorites, I hate to admit it, but for an Alabama program that had never been there it is something you have to go through. It is hard to handle it if you haven't done it. We may have needed that at that point. All you can do is just learn from it, get better and go on."

Alabama senior Brooke Pancake On her positioning after 36 holes "I very much like my positioning after two rounds. I have put myself in a good place going into the next two days."

On her putt on the 18th
"I committed to my line on 18 and it just didn't break as much as I thought it would off the ridge. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities over the next two days.

On her improved putting
"I have been working really hard on my putting. It has been a struggle the last couple of months, but when I get comfortable over my putts, it doesn't matter how I'm hitting it, I have the confidence that I can put together a good round. That is what I have been trying to stick to the last two days and hopefully the next two days because this is a long tournament."

On the difference this year after struggling in the 2011 NCAA Championships
"We have put ourselves in position the last couple of years with good seasons. We have lived and learned a little bit when it comes to trying to peak at the right time. Now we are kind of at ease and trying to be comfortable. We have worked hard up to this point and hard work pays off. We have depth on this team - everyone on this team is a great player. We are in good position."

On playing her final NCAA Championship in her home state
"It means a lot, especially for my family to be able to come out and watch and support. To be able to have the support from the people that got me started is very special."