Alabama Post-Game Quotes vs. Presbyterian College



Dec. 21, 2009

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson

Opening Statement:
"We shot the ball so much better today. A lot of the things we've been doing all season, as far as playing on the defensive end of the court and playing hard, we've done that consistently. It makes the game real easy when you can shoot the basketball. It's one of those things where we didn't go through a period of having four or five minutes, except for the start of the game, where we didn't score. I think that was probably the big point that happened in this game."

On having 3,000 plus local fifth graders in attendance for the game:
"I would like to bottle them up and keep them here for every game. This group, they were having a good time, it was fun and it was a great atmosphere. The last two years I have attributed the fifth graders, really last year they really won a game for us. I want to thank all the schools and this program we have where we're helping and mentoring the fifth graders - it's good for both of us. I know it's good for us. I hope it's good for the fifth grade."

On his team's performance:
"I thought it was a team effort. We played a lot of different people and a lot of different combinations, but the intensity level never dropped and the scoring never dropped. That's one of the things that we've gone through this season when we've made some substitutions, even when we've gotten off to a good start. One of those two things has dropped and it's caused us some serious problems. As of right now, I'm real happy that this team did not let that happen. The intensity level stayed up and we did not go through the scoring droughts."

On the team's second half performance with a big lead at halftime:
"I think that was another big key and hopefully a learning point and a growing point where you will come out, and you're going to play. Regardless of what the score is you have to play the same, and I think mentally good teams understand that. Teams that are still growing and trying to get to that point struggle with that some. Hopefully we're getting to that point where we understand. Regardless of what the score is and who we're playing against, you have to go out and play, play hard and do the things that you do in practice."

Senior Dedrea Magee

On today's game:
"We had a slow start in the first, but came out in the second half strong offensively and played with a lot of intensity on the defensive end. We saw today that if we play together as a team, play all 40 minutes, we can be a good team."

Sophomore Ericka Russell

On working her way back from injury and scoring 13 points today:
"Today's game felt good. My team held it down without me in the beginning of the year, but this is the time when we all need to be playing well especially since we are about to start SEC games."

Junior Varisia Raffington

On today's game:
"This game gave our team a big boost intensity-wise and confidence-wise. We shared the ball really well today. When you move the ball the way we did good things are bound to happen."