Alabama vs. Presbyterian: Postgame Quotes



Dec. 19, 2011

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Alabama Head Coach Wendell Hudson
On the difference in the first and second halves:
“You could tell in the focus of the first half that we were already on break. We talked about that at halftime. The second half we came out and scored 44 points compared to our 21 in the first 20 minutes. I can’t explain it other than we were already on break. Everybody is going through it this time of the year. We are still a young team but mature teams go on and play through that. I think that’s where we have to grow up and be a little more mature. I won’t take anything away from the way we played in the second half and the effort we put out there.”

On Jasmine Robinson:
“Jasmine has probably been our most consistent player in the last few basketball games. She is so versatile. She can move the basketball. You think she’s not as quick as she is, but she can get by you.”

On what they talked about at halftime to get back on track:
“We just talked about trusting each other. You could tell early in the first half we didn’t trust everybody to do their job. Part of it was because some of us had already taken off on that break. I have no problem with players being excited about going home, but you still have to take care of the business at hand. We didn’t do that the first half. It’s a compliment to this team that we stepped up the second half and did take care of it. It could have been a much tougher struggle if we didn’t focus at halftime.”

No. 23 Ericka Russell, Guard
On the slow start:
“We didn’t come out with a lot of energy. We could not get in our zone. It was mostly a mental thing. Mainly our intensity.”

On coming out in the second half:
“We said that we need to pick it up. We are at home and just clear our mind and come out to finish the game, and that’s what we did.”

No. 10 Erin Hogue, Guard/Forward
On the second half:
“We focused on coming out with a lot of energy as opposed to in the first half. We wanted to come out and pressure them on defense, and eventually our offense would start coming.”

On the Fifth Grade Fastbreak:
“It was really crazy out there, but we love the crowd and love the kids. We play for them. We try to be an influence in their lives. We need supporters and people to come watch us play, so if we get them interested at a younger age then we can have a bigger show out throughout the year.”