Postgame Quotes vs. Jacksonville



Dec. 17, 2013

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Head Coach Kristy Curry
Opening Statement:
"I just want to thank the entire school system, kids and teachers and administrators that allowed today to be possible. I thought it was an incredible environment. I thought the crowd was great. It was just tremendous. I hope that every little boy and girl can understand that today we played hard and tried to be great role models. I appreciate everybody that made today happen."

On how the crowd helped the team:
“I thought at first we were a little jittery because of the chaos. It was a great environment for us to be in because the game and great crowds are chaotic. We have to be able to handle that. We played some crowd noise yesterday in practice. I thought we got comfortable, and down the stretch that the crowd really got into it, and it was a big difference for us as we made our run in the second half.”

On Ashley Williams’ performance today:
“She had great energy to be able to sustain the first half and come out the second half and have some good moments. She is just going to get better every day. There are little things that she can continue to work on. I just love her energy. The only person that can stop her, is her. It's that right mindset.”

On shooting over 50 percent in the game:
“Making progress comes from our kids in practice. It is repetition and focus. Our kids have been spending extra time in the gym without us asking them to. I just love the fact that our perimeters are getting shots. Just by spending time in the gym shooting the ball, good things are going to happen. I thought today, before two of the last free throws we were 70 percent from the line, and that's an improvement. It's their hard work, and credit to the kids and coaches.”

On the big-picture progress of the program:
“There are little things every day, like the look in their eyes. This bunch needed confidence. They haven't had a lot of success in the past, and you have got to let go of that. That mindset that these kids have is understanding being all we can be today, and tomorrow will take care of itself. They are working so hard every day, and they are committed to what we are doing. I thought the leadership was really good today.”

On Shafontaye Myers being able to shoot from anywhere on the court:
“She did a great job today making great shots and plays today. The more time she spends in the gym it's just good for her team and her shot. Her rotation looks really good, and I just love the fact that she is fearless and loves to shoot the ball. That's what we let her do.”

#20 Ashley Williams, Forward
On the first half pressure from Jacksonville and how Alabama adjusted:
“We have been working hard all week preparing for them, so we already knew they were going to pressure us. The main thing was getting the ball to the middle of the court.”

On what changed in the second half:
“The intensity. Everybody had energy. From having the kids here to everyone on the bench, everybody was pushing us to get better.”

On having the support of all the fifth graders that were in attendance:
“It was my first time. It was amazing having them here. The energy helped me improve my game and everyone else’s game.”

On the momentum and growth after winning two of the last three games:
“I see a lot of growth. We are coming together more and more each game.”