Postgame Quotes vs. Houston



Dec. 8, 2013

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Head Coach Kristy Curry
Opening statement:
“I’m proud of our kids for finding a way to win today. I thought we had to look at our leadership in our back court. We really did a good job coming out and taking better shots and reversing the basketball and doing the little things that make a big difference. I think one huge step to the game today was the difference in boards. We out-rebounded a team like that that is so talented on the glass, 47-33. That just shows the hustle category. I loved our effort and energy; I thought that was much better physically today. I’m just really happy for our team because it will pay off if they continue to do those things.”

On how Houston limited Ashley Williams:
“I think it was more Ashley (Williams) limiting Ashley. You have a bad day, as freshman do. They’re going to struggle with a little bit of consistency, but we believe in her and we’re going to stick with her. I know she’ll have more good days than bad days.”

On Briana Hutchen’s performance:
“She works so hard every day, and when you work that hard every day and stay positive, it shows. I’ve really been pleased with her attitude and her growth. Also, her understanding and letting the game come to her. She has been through a lot at this point in her career, and sometimes when you see a kid like that you need to let it work for or against them. I’ve really been pleased whether she plays one minute or 20, it’s the same consistency as far as her energy and effort every day. She also practices so hard every day, and she’s been a great spark off the bench.”

On Shafontaye Myers’ big shots late in the game:
“I think she passed up some open shots earlier, but I just kept telling her to catch and shoot. We have a lot of confidence in her. It was a critical point when you can get a four-point lead. You’re going to have a good chance to secure that. She hit a couple big threes and Khadijah Carter hit a big three and those were just back-breakers. We spend a lot of extra time on the perimeter in the gym. It may not always show on the court but it will pay off.”

#25 Briana Hutchen, Forward
On the team’s preparation this week prior to the game:
“We worked so hard this week in practice with different drills and different things we had to work on, and I think they carried over to the game today.”

On how this game was different for her:
“I had a lot more focus and confidence. My teammates and coaches have been instilling a lot of confidence in me lately and relying on me. Coach [Curry] always says how we need to bring energy off the bench, and so I took that to heart today and brought it to the game.”

On the mindset going into this game after the UT Martin loss:
“We didn’t let it beat us down. We just kept going. We built off of it and grew from it. It took a big toll on our leaders this week in practice, and their leadership trickled down to the rest of us, so it was very positive.”