Alabama vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff: Postgame Quotes



Dec. 6, 2010

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson
Opening statement:
“We have got to get over starting slow. We talked about it as a group and made a little adjustment at half time. We have just got to find a way, find a group of people that can get us off to a better start in the first five minutes. The good thing about this team is they think they’re going to get things done. The effort has been there. I thought the second half we really picked it up and played well. We played harder and harder and got turnover after turnover, and then we played a lot of different people for a lot of minutes. I thought overall we played really, really well, especially from the 10-minute mark in the first half all the way through to the end.”

On Kaneisha Horn:
“She only played 28 minutes, but she’s done a great job. I thought she was the player of the week this week, not just the freshman of the week. She’s doing a great job for us right now. She’s playing hard and getting better and better. I thought she was one that played really well the entire game. I don’t think those first 10 minutes really affected her because the way she was playing during that time really kept us in the game.”

On Arkansas-Pine Bluff:
“I have got to give them credit. They really played hard. I think that’s maybe part of our problem is you see a team’s record, you see who they play and sometimes you think about that, but we have got to get above that and get better than that. We’re more concerned about Alabama getting better than who we’re playing, and what they’re doing. I thought for 30 minutes, after we got past the first 10 minutes, we played really well and did a good job.”

On Varisia Raffington:
“I thought she played a lot better than she had been playing, but she’s been practicing that way. As you look at this team, we’ve got some consistent players who are playing really well for us. Then, when you start looking at the bench, it’s going to be who is playing well, who is playing the way we need them to play and what are the matchups that game. Tonight, Varisia played awful well for us and played the way we hope that she will continue to play.”

On the team so far:
“We’re playing hard. We’re still young from the standpoint of knowing how to be ready to play everybody at a certain time. Effort-wise and over these nine games, we couldn’t ask for any more. We’re asking them to do a lot of things. We’re asking them to run all these defenses and we’re changing defenses. Then we’re asking them to run the floor and then not run the floor. We’re asking them to do a lot of things but they’re responding well. It’s a great group of young ladies. They have bonded together well. I’m real pleased with the way this team is growing right now.”

#21 Tierney Jenkins, Forward
On game performance:
“I think it was a little sluggish. The first half we were thinking we are going to win regardless of how we played, and that’s what you saw in the first half. At halftime, our coaches weren’t too happy about how we were playing and neither were we, so we rallied together and decided that we had to play better.”

On the second half:
“I liked our execution and the fact that everybody got to play. It’s great when all of your teammates get a chance to play. Having another victory is a big bright spot.”

On the upcoming break:
“It’s been hectic. Now it’s finals time, and we are trying to study and practice and just get all that in, so a week off for exams and practice will give us some time for our minds and our bodies to rest.”

#40 Kaneisha Horn, Forward
On her game performance:
“I feel like I just have to be aggressive on defense. I don’t go to the boards enough, so I need to get better at that and get more rebounds."

On this being her best offensive game:
“I feel good about it, but I would have rather had more rebounds than points.”