Postgame Quotes vs. UT Martin



Dec. 4, 2013

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Head Coach Kristy Curry
On the transition defense on fast break:
“Our effort defensively was atrocious, in every regards. Credit those guards (Heather Butler and Jasmine Newsome). They’re really good. They’re two seniors that control the game, and you have to credit them and learn from them.”

On the first couple minutes of first half:
“We did a nice job with the scout and the game plan. We tried to stick to the game plan. I tried to call a time out to get back on the game plan page. We seemed to really not sustain long periods of time with the game plan. We’ve got to do a better job with that, with teaching that and continue to work on it.”

On if it was UT Martin’s speed that caused them to get fast breaks:
“I don't think it was their speed as much as their transition defense. Those two guards (Heather Butler and Jasmine Newsome) are really good. They’re as good as anybody we've seen all year and everybody in the country knows that. Again, we just didn't do a very good job. I thought our posts in the second half got out-sprinted from free throw line to free throw line.”

On the turnovers:
“It was disappointing. It goes back to what I was saying about the game plan. We had 18 turnovers amongst our starters, and that's completely unacceptable. You’ve got to have your mind on your business, and you have got to do your job. Tonight, I was not pleased at all. I thought our leadership and our back court was poor. I thought Khadijah Carter was the poorest I have ever seen her play. With Karyla Middlebrook out, that can't happen. We have got to be better than we were tonight.”

On if tonight’s game was a learning experience:
“Sure. You go in and teach and continue to stay positive. Nobody holds themselves more accountable than I do. I am going to continue to see what I can do to help us get better every day. Hopefully you will see a different team out there on Sunday. We have got to maintain some consistency for longer periods of time in practice and longer periods of time in games. It starts with our leadership.”

#13 Nikki Hegstetter, Forward
On the challenges defensively in this game against UT Martin’s guards:
“They ran with a small lineup, so we did a lot of 2-3 and 1-3-1 defenses. Changing defenses helped us. Also, our scout helped us a lot to learn their tendencies.”

#20 Ashley Williams, Forward
On what she saw from UT Martin’s defense to score early in the game:
“It was all about getting inside. They sagged off a little, so it was all about getting inside.”