Alabama vs. Alabama State: Postgame Quotes



Dec. 1, 2010

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Alabama Head Coach Wendell Hudson
Opening statement:
“We are trying to prepare our team to get better every game. You look at the score tonight and some people will ask why we were doing certain things towards the end of the game. The way we are going to play this whole year, in order to get the less experienced players some experience, is we are going to play full court no matter what, when, where or how. I thought in the second half the team really played well. Defensively, we did a great job. I don’t care who you are playing against, when you look up at the clock and 10 or 12 minutes have gone by and some team has scored two or three points, you have to realize that you played well. We had a lot of people who played well.”

On who specifically played well:
“Tierney Jenkins. She didn’t play her usual 35 minutes; she only got 26 in tonight. I thought she played well, and I thought that Kaneisha Horn played well. Some new players who hadn’t played a lot played well too. Shafontaye Myers played awfully well for us, and we have to get her ready to play later in the season. We talked about that before the game. She was 5-for-8, and she didn’t turn the ball over too much. She had just two turnovers and one assist. We are talking about a young lady who for most of her career has shot every ball she has touched and been a 40-point scorer, and I thought she handled the ball very well and got us set up in our offense.”

On the defensive intensity:
“That is the way we played tonight. This team has practiced that way and has prepared that way, and we really don’t know how to not play that way. Even when we tell them to back off a bit, they can’t do it. We aren’t trying to embarrass anybody or beat anybody really bad, we just haven’t practiced anything in a half-court setting defensively, and we don’t plan to.”

#21 Tierney Jenkins Forward
On full-court pressure and defense:
“Since preseason it (full court pressure) is all we’ve done. We just don’t pick up anybody at half court anymore. It’s kind of taboo. Full court pressure is all we know. It’s what we first learned and that’s just how we do it.”

On breaking the top 10 in blocks and top 15 in points:
“It’s really great, but I don’t focus on that anymore. My freshman year I thought it would be so cool if I did that, but now it’s my senior year and I want to go out with a bang. The best thing would be the NCAA Tournament, so that’s what my eyes are set on. Anything else is great, but the NCAA Tournament is what I really want.”

Alabama State Head Coach Freda Freeman-Jackson
On tonight’s game:
“The game started out okay. They started out pressing us, and we weren’t able to get anything done. I think they set the tempo of the game. They ended up scoring two or three baskets in a row. At the same time we’d get an opportunity to get something going, and we’d miss about seven free throws in a row. Any time you can’t put the ball in the hole and you can’t make your free throws, this is the type of outcome you can expect. They pressured us pretty well, and I didn’t think we did a good job of handling that pressure. I think that was the biggest difference in the game. We played bad today.”

On biggest difference between the two teams this year and last year:
“We only have one player that actually did a lot of playing on last year’s team and that’s Taneka Jackson. She was one of the starters. She’s the only one that played against this team last year. We have got some young girls that are trying to fill in those spots. They didn’t meet the challenge today. We have a junior college transfer point guard that is trying to get acclimated to Division I basketball, and this is not the time to try and get adjusted against a team like Alabama. They’re playing well and we’re not playing well. We are going to have to figure out a way to get it done.”