Alabama vs. Alabama A&M: Postgame Quotes



Nov. 25, 2013

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Head Coach Kristy Curry
On the physical play:
“We obviously had an advantage inside. We always want to go inside out. Some of the shots we hit in the first half were because we’ve had some paint touches. We’re in a physical league, and we’ve got to learn to be more physical inside and take advantage of the five post player rotation that we have.”

On if the team is gaining momentum:
“I was disappointed in the second half. We obviously have a lot of room for improvement. I think we’ve got to do a better job with our leadership. We talked at halftime about now that the first half is over how we’ve got to come out and establish ourselves in the first four minutes and we didn’t do that. Our ones, twos and threes have got to do a better job. We’ve got to be more of a presence. Our starters had nine turnovers. We’ve got to do a better job of focusing and not play scoreboard, but win every four minutes. The second half is a great teaching tool for us. As good as the first half was, we had some moments in the second half that weren’t so good. At least we were able to have a good first half.”

On Alabama A&M’s Strickland twins:
“They just play so hard. I think you have to credit Semeka Randall. She’s going to do a great job turning that program around. She was a Tennessee player, and Elaine Powell, an LSU star, is on their bench. Those two understand basketball. We knew the first half that they were going to come back out the second half just because of the will and the ability in that locker room to get them to understand they’re competitors. She’s got those kids playing hard and they’re going to do some great things in the future.”

#20 Ashley Williams, Forward
On responding to Alabama A&M's physical play:
"We just had to come back stronger and harder. We were big inside, so we just have to be strong.”

#13 Nikki Hegstetter, Forward
On how she felt about scoring so much tonight:
“I don't really pay attention. It's just scoring a bucket and getting back to 22 for me. I think it's great, but there is a lot of room for improvement, post-wise, for me. I've been trying to work on it. It's coming along, but it's not there yet.”

On what the key was for her tonight:
“I am starting to post up stronger. I am using my lower half instead of my upper body. We obviously had an advantage inside on the post, which we took advantage of most of the time. It was good in that aspect. Personally, I've been really trying to focus on using what they (the coaches) taught me.”