Alabama vs. Southeastern Louisiana: Postgame Quotes



Nov. 25, 2012

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson

Opening Statement:
“I thought our defensive intensity was as good as it could be for the entire game. I thought we took Southeastern Louisiana out of everything they wanted to do. [Southeastern Louisiana] is a good basketball team, a much better basketball team than they played like today, but we didn’t let them play as a good basketball team today. We need to do what we do and do it well and play the way we need to play, and that’s what we are doing right now. Everybody is buying into that. The defensive intensity, so many steals, they had 31 turnovers, and I’m telling you, all those turnovers are not because they are a bad team. The rotation we had defensively that we had going there for a stretch was as good as it gets.”

On having 25 assists in the game:
“When you have 25 assists that means that everyone was making that extra pass, looking for a teammate and no one was forcing shots,” added Hudson. “How many times do you play in a game where you have 25 assists? We are not just trying to win games. We are trying to become a better basketball team.”

On Meghan Perkins:
“She knew exactly where she was going. It’s almost like people think that they are beating us from time to time, and we want them to think that. If we have the proper rotation, then the next pass is going to be obvious. That’s what Meghan does. She saw every next pass and did a great job. I thought the team did a great job. It was a great team effort. we played a lot of people, got some a lot of minutes and really played well.”

#3 Jasmine Robinson, Guard

On what they need to improve on:
“We need to work on our defense and making sure our rotations are correct. Sometimes we are a little late, a little slow. Sometimes everybody doesn’t know where we are supposed to be. We just have to communicate better on the floor. That’s what we need to work on.”

On how they are going to keep up their confidence on an even level with this winning streak:
“We just need to work hard every day. We don’t need to settle. Every time you settle, that’s when you lose. Since we know we are the underdogs and know we are at the bottom, we just need to keep climbing. Every time we go out on the court we need to come and fight for that winning position, so we can keep on adding to our winning streak.”

#0 Daisha Simmons, Guard

On the win today:
“It felt good. You don’t want to be at the bottom. You never want to lose. Nobody steps on the court to lose, so to come out with a win feels great.”

On not letting the winning streak go to their head or overthink it:
“We just need to continue to work hard every day at every position day in and day out. We need to keep on doing what we are doing and not worry about what other people are doing.”