Alabama vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff: Postgame Quotes



Nov. 17, 2012

Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Wendell Hudson

Opening Statement:
“I sit here and think we didn’t play all that well, and we didn’t, but we scored 79 points. We made them commit 40 turnovers. The game didn’t go the way I would have liked for it to go, but the key to this whole thing was we never stopped playing. We didn’t play as well as we have played before. When you don’t play as well, and you still score 79 points and beat a team that made some shots and shot well from the free throw line, you cannot get too discouraged about everything.”

On the game’s rhythm:
“The game never got in rhythm. They also had 51 fouls. The game can’t get in rhythm with that kind of situation. I know it was a tough game to officiate.”

#40 Kaneisha Horn, Forward

On what sealed the victory tonight:
“I think it was our defense. We got a lot of steals and we were able to convert in the second half. The first half we didn’t do so well. We also made more buckets in the second half than in the first half.”

On her foul trouble and how it affected her game:
“It affected it a lot because I couldn’t be out there to contribute. I got back in and tried to not foul out. I didn’t foul out and stayed in the game.”

#0 Daisha Simmons, Guard

On tonight’s game:
“I think we have to play a lot better. We have to stop playing down to our competition. We came out sluggish because we thought we were going to be able to walk all over them. We can’t think like that. We have to come out and attack no matter who we play.”

#12 Shafontaye Myers, Guard

On missing her shots but continuing to shoot throughout the game:
“A good shooter never gets down. A good shooter will keep shooting until they find their rhythm. You keep playing through it. I’ve learned that when I think about my shot, there is a risk of missing it. When I just let it go and shoot with confidence, there is a better chance I’ll make it.”

On what she learned about herself and the team tonight:
“When we see our competitor and we believe they are below our level, we scoot down to their level. We can be better if we come out and face our opponents just playing Alabama basketball. Once we get to that point, we will be alright.”