Alabama Women's Basketball vs. NC State: Post Game Quotes



Nov. 17, 2010

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Alabama Head Coach Wendell Hudson
On how Alabama finished the game:
“Well we talked about settling in and finishing games, and I thought we did a pretty good job of that in the second half. I thought for 15 minutes of the second half we really played well, but unfortunately in the last five minutes we kind of let off and messed around a little bit. I thought we played too well to let this game get away from us. We played awfully well as a team; it was a great team effort. Defensively, I thought for most of the game, and especially when we started the second half, we took North Carolina State out of what they wanted to do.”

On the defense:
“It was good tonight. If we had converted some of the turnovers that we got, we really could have taken control of this game. When you get 30 turnovers, you need to convert. We just didn’t convert. There were some easy baskets to be had that we left out on the court. When we start converting those and combine that with the way this team has been playing, the effort that they have been playing with, it is going to be a whole lot of fun to watch this team play."

On Tierney Jenkins:
“She started off struggling a little bit shooting it, but as far as effort is concerned and rebounding is concerned, she’s been doing a lot of good things on the stat sheet and a lot of other things you don’t hear as much about. She had five steals tonight, she’s deflecting passes, she’s getting her hands on balls. She’s doing all the things that don’t necessarily show up in the stat column but really help your team win. She has done a good job for us, and I’m very proud of her and the recognition she has gotten."

On Jasmine Robinson stepping up when Alabama needed a shot:
“She made a three-point shot early in the first half and got fouled and she took the ball to the basket a couple of times and made those tough layups. She also converted on a lot of her free throws. She really helped us along, but tonight I thought that it was a really good team effort. I think the lesson to take away is that we just have to learn how to finish games."

On the team’s speed and athleticism:
“There were points in the game where I thought we were really running fast, and we were running aggressively up and down the floor. That’s the way we want to run, and hopefully the other team won’t want to run as much, at least for 40 minutes that way. I think that showed up here tonight some. There were stretches where we were really getting to them and we started converting on turnovers where we really controlled the game.”

#21 Tierney Jenkins Forward
On the team’s confidence and performance:
“It’s how we’ve been practicing from the moment we started, that’s just how it’s been. We have goals that we set as a team, and we felt like today would be a really big game to show and prove where we were and that we are an NCAA Tournament team. That’s where we want to be this year, so to beat them is a major step for our program in the right direction. That’s what we wanted to show people.”

On NCAA Tournament goals:
“It’s plastered in our minds. Every day that’s what we think about. We are preparing for it every day. You can’t tell us that we’re not going this year. That’s just our mindset, even the freshmen.”

On the pace and style of the game:
“We knew this was the kind of style Coach (Hudson) wanted us to play, so workouts were extremely hard this summer and we did more running than ever. I think now we are used to it, and the other teams are not. They can hang with us maybe for the first half, but they are going to get tired and we have enough personnel on our bench to keep bringing players in and just keep going and never stop the pressure. Other teams just aren’t used to it, which is good.”

On double-doubles:
“I think it’s kind of expected. Everybody has their own role, and I think my teammates depend on me to score and to rebound. We have enough players to score, but I look at it like I need to get this rebound in order to win. Ericka (Russell) thinks like she needs to play good defense and knock down threes, so everybody has their own role. That’s just how I think about it.”

#23 Ericka Russell Guard
On aggressiveness and confidence of the team:
“It started this summer working hard every day, being on our teammates and encouraging everybody. Now we’ve set our goals and everybody just really believes, and we are really confident. It’s momentum for us.”

On the number of points being scored:
“With our defense and going hard the entire game, we get a lot of easy baskets. Being in shape as much as we are is just a big step for us.”

On the intensity of the defense:
“Our theme is relentless and our intensity has to be up every game. We know we are going to press the entire time, and people are not going to be able to continue to play with us in the second half. Having that intensity really builds our confidence and helps us continue to get wins.”

North Carolina State Head Coach Kellie Harper 
Opening statement:
“Everything we did was just the wrong thing. We were sloppy obviously on offense. We had way too many turnovers. We allowed their pressure to affect us. Defensively, we were a step late. It seemed like every time somebody had the ball we were a step late. It put us out of position. They wanted the rebounds. I thought they went hard for the boards. We were not physical enough at all. They owned the loose balls, but we’d make a couple plays and we’d give it right back to them. I’m really disappointed, especially in that first half, and the first few minutes of the second half. We didn’t show a lot of fight. We had some people that were not in this game ever. They didn’t have their heads in this game, and that’s something that we’re going to have to figure out because with our team we have to have everybody clicking every night for us to get wins.”

On Alabama forcing the Wolfpack into their type of game:
“No doubt, they wanted the tempo up, and we knew that. We knew they wanted to get up and down. They did a good job of taking off on rebounds. We missed some early shots that might have slowed their tempo down initially that may have settled us in a little bit, but you have to be able to play through that. That’s one thing that we have been a little concerned about was playing how our shooting goes. We can’t score 100 points, so our defense was really disappointing.”

On Alabama’s ability to finish:
“They made their free throws. We didn’t make our free throws. We missed a lot of chip shots. If you’re going to get back into a game, you’ve got to be able to do that. I thought the tale was we’d make a little run, and then we would make a mental mistake. We would have a breakdown defensively and give up a shot. They knocked them down. They obviously made big shots. Every time we made a run, they made a big shot.”

On the Wolfpack’s inability to compete and recover in the second half:
“Ironically, we had talked about our poise at the half. My biggest concern in the locker room was we didn’t have that fight that our team has to have. I was so disappointed in that. It looked like they wanted this more than we did. I’m not accustomed to seeing that. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that and they know that. Obviously, I got after them a bit in the second half and they initially did not respond. They had to get hit in the mouth again. Late in the game, we had some kids show some signs of heart and fight. I don’t want to take anything away from Alabama. They played a really fantastic game tonight. We just weren’t competitive.”