Alabama vs. Tennessee State: Postgame Quotes



Nov. 12, 2010

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Alabama Head Coach Wendell Hudson
Opening statement:
“I think for about 35 minutes we played pretty good basketball. I had planned on getting 13 people into the game to try to get different combinations going. I tried to get everybody some playing time, so I can know who is going to be able to play, when they are going to be able to play and how they are going to play. I told the team before we got started that this team is going to be able to play the way they practice. Normally, there had been speeches and all kinds of motivation about how to get ready to play. Today we didn’t have that. We just had a really short meeting before the game. The team came out and played well because they practiced that way. Shooting the basketball is something we need to do a little better, but I was pleased with the effort and the open shots we had during the game.”

On envisioning the team’s play:
“This is what I had envisioned. This is the way we wanted to play. This is the way the players enjoy playing. We need to get it down to about 10 players before we get into a regular rotation. We are trying to play 13 right now, but we have to get it down 10 players. We need to get in a regular rotation to get that type play down. The biggest thing is the combination. We have a lot of young players, and we don’t need them all out there at the same time. We just need to work out the kinks as far as the combination is concerned.”

On the stat that was most pleasing tonight:
“I just thought the effort. It wasn’t really a stat. We made a lot of mistakes. We hit a stretch when we didn’t rotate the way we needed to. We went through some stretches, about five or six minutes at a time, where we played about as good as we could possibly play from a defensive point. I know we went through some stretches where they didn’t score in what seemed like forever. They turned the ball over, but we just didn’t convert. I just thought the effort was the most important and impressive thing tonight.”

On not turning the ball over:
“If you can have zero turnovers, that would be nice, but having 13 turnovers playing the way we’re playing is pretty good. A couple of our turnovers were unforced. I was real pleased with our effort. I’ll take our assist-to-turnover ratio any day of the week.”

No. 21 Tierney Jenkins, Forward
On what pleased her about the game:
“Our effort. Of course it wasn’t perfect. It’s not exactly how we wanted it to go, or the coaches wanted it to go, but everybody came out and played hard. That’s something to build off of.”

On preseason differences from years past:
“It’s really the freshmen. The entire team picked it up. The returners knew what they were doing, but the freshmen came in doing it almost better than us. The whole practice was high intensity. The freshmen are the big difference.”

No. 40 Kaneisha Horn, Forward
On her debut:
“It wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, so hopefully next game I’ll do better. I wasn’t pleased with my performance today.”

On her nerves before the game:
“Well I’m always nervous before the game. It doesn’t mean I’m scared. I just don’t know what to expect. I’ll be fine.”

On the other newcomers:
“I think they did really well. I was impressed with all of them. We are going to be good this year.”

Tennessee State Head Coach Tracee Wells
On What Tennessee State can learn from this game:
“Well, for me, I saw some good things in some of my players. We have a very young team, so we knew handling pressure was going to be an issue for us. I saw some good things for us moving forward. Some players we can actually count on when things get rough. The turnovers are one area that we absolutely have to work on, but credit Alabama for the defense that they played. They challenged us. They did what we expected them to do, which was to bring the heat to us. We just have to be able to handle that in our future games.”