Alabama vs. Jacksonville State: Postgame Quotes



Nov. 11, 2012

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson
On today’s game:
“What is important right now is to improve as a team and keep getting better and doing the things we practiced. I think if we continue to do this, we will have the opportunities to win, such as we did tonight. One of the things that we need to do is play at a different level, defensively. Coming out in the first five minutes of the second half, the defensive intensity was incredible, then it kind of fell off when we looked to score. I am really excited about the team that we have. This is going to have a fun year.”

On using all 15 players:
“We tried to get everyone enough minutes to get them playing. We were playing so well, and we needed to get experience. The only way that you get experience in a game is by being in the game. We were trying to get experience for everyone, so that if they are called upon somewhere down the season they will be ready to play. I think someone played 20 min and another played 19, but overall there were not a lot of minutes played by anyone. That is the way we are going to play because, defensively, we are going to get after it.”

#10 Meghan Perkins, Guard
On the team’s performance today:
“I thought we played well. We had stretches where we got out of our element, but at halftime Coach got us back together and we got back to doing what we are supposed to do.”

On how they controlled the court:
“Our defense was pressing. Being intense on the defense really made the game a lot easier.”

On what they can improve on for the next game:
“There is always room for improvement on the offensive end and the defensive end. We just have to work on staying aggressive, and once we have our opponent down we have to keep our intensity level up.”

#13 Nikki Hegstetter, Forward
On her first game as a freshman:
“It was great. This is what I’ve worked for my whole life, so it was nice to play in front of good people. Having fans like this is great for women’s basketball because we have something special. It’s nice that people appreciate us and notice us and that we have the support that we do.”

On playing everyone on the roster today:
“It makes us very versatile and very deep. Having 14 girls versus seven or eight girls makes us fresh and accountable. You always have somebody behind you that is ready to take your spot. You play hard for however long you are out there, and you give it your all. You kind of know that you are going to get back in, and when you work that hard you get a rest but you also get an opportunity to showcase what you have.”