Postgame Quotes vs. Stillman



Nov. 5, 2012

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson
Opening Statement:
"I thought we played real hard as a basketball team, played a lot of combinations of people, which has been fun to have a lot of combinations of people to play. From that standpoint, it's been an interesting fall for us. Defensively, we were trying to do a lot of different things, and the players are picking it up faster than we thought they would. The only thing that I thought was negative is the way we shot the basketball. We had enough wide open shots. I thought we shared the basketball. Sometimes, we over-passed it but did a lot of really good things. We did some good things that won't show up in the stats. We took Stillman and made them play the way we wanted them to play and on the half of the court we wanted them to play on."

On Kaneisha Horn's play:
"She played well. She's got to get into game shape, but she made some good offensive moves, rebounded the ball, did some things defensively that didn't show up where she helped off and got back and did some things, but she knows she has to get in better shape from the standpoint of game shape. She's practicing hard, but when you're a year away from playing, sitting out a year, especially with an injury, it's tough. We had some other kids who sat out last year redshirting, but they practiced. She didn't even get a chance to practice, so to get back into game shape is going to take some time, but I tell you what, I was happy she was back out there playing."

On the positives and improvements from last year to this year:
"Numbers for one (are some of the positives this year). We have five people that sat out last year and watched. Daisha Simmons, who's coming in at the point guard position, she's going to help us be a much better team. We have Bri [Hutchen] of course and Brittany [Jack], who sat and watched all of this. Then we have Alicia [Mitcham], who is back as a fifth-year senior who played two years ago with Tierney Jenkins and learned how to play harder and do some things, so with that group coming back plus with everyone else being healthy things are better. [Jessica] Merritt is healthy. Meghan Perkins is somewhat healthy but didn't play tonight, but you can put them all out there healthy. I'll tell you another difference right now is from a defensive standpoint. Jasmine Robinson is really taking a lot of pride in setting the tone for us. I think what we have on this team is 15 players right now and 12 are in the mix as far as playing on a regular basis. If you have 15 with 12 in the mix, the combinations we can throw at people will be totally different than what we were able to do last year."

#40 Kaneisha Horn, Forward
On the team's performance tonight:
"We did pretty well for the first game. We had some bad things that happened, but we should be back next game."

On this being her first game back since her injury:
"I'm very excited. It's been a long time, so I'm very excited about being back. Hopefully I can contribute to the team, while I make this transition back into playing."

On the team's performance this season compared to last season:
"We have a lot more depth this year. I know we are small, so we are going to play fast. We will be pretty good."

#0 Daisha Simmons, Guard
On the team's performance tonight:
"I think we did pretty good. We still have a lot to work on, a lot to learn. It's only the first game. We've got to get in much better shape because we want to play at a faster pace."

On her first game:
"I was pretty excited and anxious. I had a lot of jitters. I didn't think people could tell, but after one I'll get back into it."

On why she thought the team was successful tonight:
"We were excited with the new coaching staff and the new players on the team. We were excited about what we could do this year."