Alabama vs. South Carolina: Postgame Quotes



Feb. 19, 2012

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson
On South Carolina being good both offensively and defensively:
“South Carolina did not come in here and take us lightly with us just having beat Kentucky. They did a good job of setting the tempo and controlling it. What we did to ourselves is the most discouraging thing. We shot the ball 69 times and only hit 19 of those shots. We had 22 offensive rebounds. We had 14 turnovers. They had 21. They only had six offensive rebounds. The most important stat was that they shot 55 percent and we shot 27 percent.”

On Alabama getting some good shots in but struggling offensively:
“You always take a couple of bad shots. From the standpoint of shots we take in practice, we didn’t take bad shots. We got the basketball where we needed to get it, and we got open looks. There were a couple of times that I don’t think you can get a better look than that. There were a couple balls that went around the rim of the basket on layups. We missed 12 layups in the first half. I’m not talking about the contested ones. We missed 12 shots that you have to make. When you do that, you set the tempo of the game, and that’s where we got ourselves in trouble. We were not mentally prepared to come out and play with the intensity level that we needed to play against a good basketball team.”

On going to Auburn for their next game:
“We’ve got to come back and be ready to play. We were shorthanded again. Aneesah Daniels had a family emergency and was not available to play. Some of those layups and shot inside were the ones she could have been around to make. We will have her back for Auburn. It’s a matter of just continuing to plug it in. In the first half I kept thinking if we can just make a couple of baskets we will be ok. We didn’t make them and the other team did. South Carolina did a good job and controlled the tempo. I think that’s the best thing they did.”

No.10 Meghan Perkins, Guard
On what happened offensively:
“It was our intensity level. we did not come out with the intensity that we needed, so we started slow.”

On adjustments made in the second half:
“Dribble penetration. We could run with them, it was just the fact that they were getting to the basket. We just needed to stop them.”

No. 33 Jessica Merritt, Guard
On what happened offensively:
“We got the shots that we wanted, but we just couldn’t finish. Like Meghan (Perkins) said, we did not come with the intensity that we should have, and in the end, we ended up beating ourselves.”