Alabama vs. Kentucky: Postgame Quotes



Feb. 16, 2012

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson
On tonight’s victory:
“Kentucky is a good basketball team. They are not No. 7 in the country for no reason, and we played about as good a first half of basketball as we could play. We scored 50 points and just took it to them. We talked to the team at halftime about the game not being over. It was 0-0, and fortunately it was 0-0, and we won by two points. They played hard. They played together, and we didn’t play smart. We didn’t play as smart as we needed to play, but we played hard, and we kept fighting and didn’t give up towards the end.”

On Kentucky keeping it close throughout the second half:
“They have really good players, but we made a couple not-so-smart plays. We didn’t take care of the basketball. We didn’t make every pass, and we got in foul trouble. We got two people in foul trouble, and one fouled out, and it’s just a matter of playing smart. There’s no question that we played hard. We’ve been playing hard. We just have to play smart and take care of the basketball. We never gave up. I could look in their eyes and at no point, even when Kentucky started making their run, and you knew they were going to make a run, we never looked like we were not going to be able and play. Credit these young ladies who stepped up. It’s been a long, tough season, as far as all the stuff that has happened to us, and beat the No. 7 team in the country, and really if we hadn’t made so many not-so-smart plays, we would have beat them convincingly, which it doesn’t matter if it’s ten points or two points, but they really played hard and fought against a very good basketball team. We just have to keep getting there and every time someone goes down are we going to get up and play. It’s a big win for the program. It’s a big win for this team that has been through a lot of tough times. It’s a great team victory.”

On the physical play tonight:
“Both teams were on their last leg, but we hung in there, and we fought in the second half, but because we had to play so many minutes with so few people to sub, when you get late in the basketball game in the second half, I know at about the 10 minute mark we were going to struggle a little bit. It happened tonight, but fortunately we hung in there and won the basketball game.”

No. 3 Jasmine Robinson, Guard
On what was different tonight to get the win:
“We played hard, and we had the will to win.”

On everyone thinking harder and being more aware in the first half:
“We were just playing hard. That was the whole key because we wanted to win so badly. We’ve been playing well for the last three games. We didn’t want to lose like we did against LSU. We didn’t want to lose again because we were up the whole game. I think it was us coming together, playing hard and sticking together even though they made runs. It was just us sticking together.”

On the last five minutes:
“I wasn’t worried because I knew we were going to play hard, and I knew we weren’t going to let it slip away like we did last game.”

No. 10 Meghan Perkins, Guard
On what she saw from her view at the end of the game:
“The basket. Coach said we had the size advantage, so we took advantage of that.”

On the difference of the offense in the first and second half:
“We got a little too excited about the way we played in the first half. We got a little complacent in the second half. We just had to settle down and play defense.”

On whether Kentucky came out stronger in the second half:
“They definitely came out stronger. They are a well-coached team. We expected them to come out stronger, and we just didn’t adjust to the changes they made. They kind of switched it up on us, so we had to read that better.”

On how big it is to get an SEC win at home:
“It’s really big. We just have to use this win to build as we play another ranked team on Sunday. This win should motivate us going into that game.”