Postgame Quotes: Alabama vs. LSU



Feb. 12, 2012

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson
On a really close game:
“It was a great effort, and that’s what I told the team. We played too hard not to play smart enough to win this one. The situation with Kyra Crosby was after the officials looked at the monitor, they said she kneed the girl in the head after the play. You can’t do that. We are already short a post player anyway. I’m not blaming the game on her, but we have to be smarter. With Khristin Lee, I’ve told her all the time that you have to adjust. You’ve got two key players sitting on the bench. I can’t blame them for their effort though. We really played hard. If we hadn’t missed free throws, the front ends of one-and-ones, when you have a three or four point game all of that stuff matters. Everybody looks at the end of the game. What got us to that point was missed free throws, players on the bench, loose balls and that kind of stuff. LSU is not a bad basketball team. They might not have a point guard that they feel comfortable with right now, but talent-wise they are not an untalented team. They made the plays. LaSondra Barrett took over the basketball game. She understood that when they got in the bonus, she was going to take the ball to the basket. She did a good job of taking the ball to the basket.”

On what they wanted to do in the game:
“This is a game that we hurt ourselves in. We are undersized and all that, but we had 14 offensive rebounds and they had 14. They had more defensive rebounds than we did because we shot the ball more than we did. We shot the ball 60 times. Four or five of those were because the shot clock was running out, but, for the most part, we made good moves to the basket and got the ball up on the glass.”

On upcoming Kentucky:
“We feel like we can play with Kentucky. The good news is Kyra Crosby will be able to play. I was concerned about that situation. She was just ejected for a flagrant foul, not fighting, so she will be eligible to play. We have to come back and get ready for Kentucky and get the group back together. This team played awful hard. Khristin Lee was sitting on the bench with four fouls, and decision making wasn’t as good as it needed to be. Shafontaye Myers did a good job handling the basketball for us, but we just have to do a much better job of getting everybody we have eligible to play. That’s what hurt us the most. That was a big blow for us.”

No.10 Meghan Perkins, Guard
On the team’s performance:
“We played hard, but we missed a lot of opportunities that we should have gotten, and we did not move the ball as well as we should have. I feel like we played well overall.”

On the second half:
“I feel like we got out of what was working for us in the first half. Kyra (Crosby) being out put us down with post players, and we did not really adjust well to that.”