Alabama Women's Basketball vs. LSU: Post Game Quotes



Jan. 31, 2010

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Head Coach Wendell Hudson
Opening statement:
“Against a good basketball team, you cannot shoot 21 percent in the first half. We shot 33 percent for the game, gave up 13 offensive rebounds and committed24 turnovers and the outcome of the game is what it should be.”

On the defensive plan going into the game:
“Defensively, we started off playing a 2-3 zone and I thought it worked actually because they didn’t really shoot the ball that great from the perimeter the first 10-15 minutes of the game. It was an 18-10 game there for the first 15 minutes and we went for a steal, which we shouldn’t have been going for defensively, and they scored to make it 20. Then, from that four or five minute mark on, we couldn’t even get a shot to go in the basket and they made some shots and made a run and took it to halftime. It’s easier to score when you’ve got a little confidence and you’ve got a comfortable lead. I thought LSU did a really good job of doing that.”

On what he told the team at halftime:
“We talked about the adjustment that we’re going to have to play some man instead of a zone to come from down in a hole. Also, offensively, we needed to do a better job of setting screens and playing together. I don’t know if we set enough screens and played as well as we needed to be together.”

On the team getting down by a large margin:
“The big key is what we just told them at halftime and after the game. This team has got a chance when we play together and when we don’t play with everybody giving their maximum effort, we’re not a very good basketball team. We’ve got to have everybody giving their maximum effort to have an opportunity playing in this league right now.”

On where the team goes from here:
“We’re going to go to work. This is athletics; we’ve got to get ready to play again. We’re playing again on Thursday. We’re off on Monday. Tuesday, we’re going to come back out and we’re going to work hard. The one thing for the most part, this team has not given up from an effort standpoint and I don’t think the second half we gave up from an effort standpoint. LSU just got on a roll and everybody was shooting the basketball and we were a little frustrated because we couldn’t make a shot. That’s the difference in the score but I don’t think the effort necessarily wasn’t there.”

Junior Forward Tierney Jenkins
On getting down in the first half to LSU:
“I think when we got behind we were thinking we were still in the game. At one point it was 18-10 so we came back. I thought when we got the game to eight, we all knew we were still in the game.”

Senior Guard Dedrea Magee
On being down at halftime:
“At halftime we just talked about effort. In the second half, we just had to keep playing. Putting our heads down wasn’t going to make anything get any better.”

On where the team goes from here:
“We are going to focus on giving 100 percent and playing together as a team. We have to give effort the entire forty minutes of a game.”

LSU Head Coach Van Chancellor
On the game:
“We played extremely well today. Any time you come out here and shoot 56 percent in the second half, shoot 44 percent and 73 percent and have Hightower go 6-for-9 (from three-point range) it will make a world of a difference – it’s going to change everything. We hit a dry spell for a while in the first half, but our defense was able to limit them. We forced 24 turnovers. We were able to limit a team like Alabama, who is number two in offensive rebounds in the SEC, and we were able to limit them to 41 points. I thought we did a great job of blocking out and rebounding the ball today – we did really well in those areas. We made shots today and that’s all there is to it. Our two best players had forty-two points, they went fifty percent from the field. The game wasn’t nearly as physical today as it’s been in the last couple games. Our two best players had good point totals and we held their two best players to a total of 12 points so I think we did a good job on them. I’m really pleased today. This looked like the old LSU team that we used to have around here.”

Senior Guard Allison Hightower
On scoring 12 points in a row in a streak in the first half:
“I felt good. I have been shooting kind of poor lately so it was good to bounce back and knock down some open shots.”

On if this was her best all-around game:
“No. I had some unforced turnovers. As a team that is something we have to clean up. We have to take care of the ball. Nobody is perfect so you just have to find things about the game to get better at.”

On if shooting so many three pointers was your game plan or was it just open shots:
“It was just taking what the defense gives you. Our coaches say that all the time and we just wanted to make sure that we were reversing the ball. When the ball was reversed to me my teammates did a great job of skipping the ball and I was open so I just shot the ball with confidence.”