Post Game Quotes vs. Arkansas



Jan. 24, 2010

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Alabama Head Coach Wendell Hudson
Opening statement:
“We lost the game in the first 20 minutes, and that’s what I told the team. We went in at halftime and had six assists, they had 11 offensive rebounds. We didn’t play together. We were coming down with one pass and one shot, shooting the ball off-balance.”

On performance coming off the Florida win:
“When you’ve had some success, you have to understand what got you success and that is playing together, playing as a team, doing the things you need to do. In the first 20 minutes we didn’t play that way.”

On Arkansas’ play today:
“You have to give Arkansas credit. They came in here and played awful hard. The longer you let a team think they can play with you, they will play with you. They did a good job, and we didn’t play as well as we needed to play. I’m talking about effort, not necessarily making shots. Every loose ball, we were looking at it. Every loose ball, they came up with. All the things that you look at, you say ‘This is not heading in the right direction.’ It wasn’t heading in the right direction for us in the first half.”

Junior Forward Tierney Jenkins
On Alabama’s shooting struggles throughout the game:
“Any other day I think we would have made those shots. That just made the game that much tougher. Our shooters though, like Ericka (Russell), kept shooting and she made that big three at the end. The biggest thing was we weren’t making our shots at the beginning, but we started making them at the end. It was just a battle after that.”

On Arkansas’ quick start in overtime:
“Coach was talking about how we used so much energy to fight back and we were making careless turnovers, so that was big thing for us. We just made careless turnovers. We felt like we fought this hard and then when we looked up they were up by eight. That was tough for us.”

On showing something by coming back at the end of regulation:
“I think we are a really good team. I don’t want to keep talking about Florida like that’s the only game we are going to win, but that showed that we are a good team. We came into this game expecting to win. I don’t think we showed how good we are in the first half and then in the first two minutes of overtime. It was a tale of two teams. The first half we didn’t play well and in the second half we were making shots and playing well. The first couple of minutes of overtime were like the first half again.”

Arkansas Head Coach Tom Collen
On the game:
“I thought our defense was pretty solid in the first half. We just missed a lot of open shots, and we turned the ball over. We got a lead in the second half and we haven’t played with many leads this year in the SEC, and I thought we played with a little bit more confidence. All we needed to do was get a stop in regulation and then they came down and hit a three on us, but I think all in all, it’s two teams that both needed wins. We may have needed this win worse than they needed it just because they got their win against Florida. Our kids needed it really bad, and I’m just proud of them because they found a way to get it done.”

On the importance of pressing in the first half after being behind:
“I think we turned them over a little bit, and we slowed them down so I think it was a big factor. We don’t have a lot of depth, but sometimes we need to press to get our kids energized to play hard.”

On differences he’s seen in Alabama since Wendell Hudson took over:
“Well he’s done a good job, and I think they play incredibly hard. They play great defense. I think he utilizes his personnel well and he’s done a great job recruiting. It’s not hard in the SEC to rebuild, and I’m a good example of that right now. We’re just really young and we’ve done a great job with young kids. He’s going to get a few more young kids next year, and he’s going to get it done I think.”

On getting off to a good start in overtime:
“I’m not sure we’ve scored eight points in a row all year, so to choose a time like that to start the overtime period, I think that was the ball game. I really believe that our kids finally thought that they couldn’t beat us now and that was the difference to the game right there.”