Alabama vs. Auburn: Postgame Quotes



Jan. 16, 2014

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Alabama Head Coach Kristy Curry
Opening Statement:
“The first thing I want to do is thank our crowd. I’m disappointed in the outcome at home for them tonight and our players, but I thought the crowd was great. We hope they will come back and see us. I just appreciate the student support and the crowd tonight. I’m disappointed in the outcome. We will do everything we can to go back, go to work and fix it.

On the tale of two halves:
“It was a tale of two completely different halves. We outscored them the second half, but you have to put halves together. Basketball is a game of runs. Their run was very impactful. You credit Auburn. You credit their size and ability. They dominated the glass. They dominated us defensively. You can’t coach size, but it’s something we work on in recruiting. We don’t have that. There are certain things we can control. I didn’t think we were aggressive in the first half. For that reason you credit Auburn. We have to individually look and do something about that.”

On the issues in the first half:
“I thought we were really passive. I think their length really affected us. Instead of going north-south we were going east-west. I credit their size. I credit them for what they did to us. We were not able to respond. We can’t shoot 16 percent. Your two starting posts have no rebounds. You can’t turn over the ball in the first half. You can’t shoot 21 percent, turn the ball over 21 times and get out-rebounded by 14. You are just not going to win, no matter who you’re playing. You go back and work on it.”

On what happened with the team’s leaders:
“That’s something we will work on. I haven’t seen that. I don’t have an answer for that. I haven’t seen that one day, until the last 40 minutes. They will bounce back. That is a resilient bunch of kids that have been through a lot. You just go back and believe in them. The only way you get through something like that is you work a little harder, give a little more, accept responsibility for it and do something about it.”

Auburn Head Coach Terri Williams-Flournoy
Opening Statement:
“I’m really proud of the young ladies to come out in the first half who set the tone right away. I thought they did a really good job of changing defenses. We wanted to continue to change our defense to keep Daisha Simmons off balance because she’s a very good point guard. More importantly, we were also able to hit shots; I mean, we shot 52 percent in the first half and it’s easy to put yourself ahead playing defense and shooting well.”

#32 Tyrese Tanner, G/F
On losing last year in Foster compared to winning this year:
“We were really hurt last year after losing here to them. I’m glad my team came out here today and got this win.”

On the possibility of playing the best first half all year as a team:
“I think this is the best we’ve done all year, and I’m proud of us for doing that. I think we should have carried it over to the second half, but communication was the key in the first half. We talked where the shooters were and when we needed to rotate. I just hope we continue to do that.”

#44 Tra’cee Tanner, F/C
On getting the ball inside the first half more than the second half:
“They definitely tried to lock us down in the second half. I feel like me and Peyton (Davis) were a threat to them, and they could see that in the first half so we were trying to enforce getting the ball inside by going inside out. They obviously figured out our game plan and tried to stop that.”

On the possibility of playing the best first half all year as a team:
“It was mostly our defense that helped us go on offense. I feel like our defense in the first half definitely stopped them, and we were able to convert and make buckets in transition. That’s what really turned the game over for us.”