Alabama vs. Kentucky Postgame Quotes



Jan. 2, 2014

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Alabama Head Coach Kristy Curry
Opening Statement
“Today I was pleased with how our team competed. The bottom line was Kentucky shot the ball really well, so credit Kentucky. That’s why they are number six in the country. They shot it well, especially in the first half.  I thought we did a better job in the second half, holding them to 35 points. If we could have done that in the first half, we would have given ourselves a better chance.

On the resilience of the team to trim the lead to five points at one point:
“I thought the kids played really hard. Again, when you look at ability to rebound the ball like we did, to have 19 offensive rebounds and 20 defensive, that’s always an effort category. We just weren’t able to make as many shots. Those guys just kept coming at us and coming at us with makes and finishes. They were a lot bigger, and I think it shows today physically that we have to improve our recruiting. But you credit Kentucky and you move on. You don’t dwell on this past midnight, you get better from it and you move on to the next one. You have to have short term memory in this league, and our goal is to keep improving and try to go and win the next one.

12, Guard Shafontaye Myers
On playing against the Kentucky pressure:
“I like the up-tempo pressure.  It’s what I grew up from – the run and gun. It has helped me to play my game and not get frustrated and come out even stronger. It is tough, but it’s how you manage it, how you come out and execute.”

Kentucky head coach Matthew Mitchell
Opening Statement
“Well, we are very happy to get a win here today at Alabama. I thought Alabama played tough and put us in some difficult situations where our players really had to hustle. I thought the best thing about today was any time we made a mistake or Alabama was able to make a really good play against us, we bounced back and were able to answer. I thought we played really solid today. I thought we stayed very positive and focused, and that is all we were asking our team to come down here and do. We are thrilled to get this victory.”

On his shooters gaining more confidence when shooting three pointers:
“I thought it was just a product of us. We have been working really extremely hard on our offense since the Duke game. We’ve been working extremely hard on moving the basketball and creating opportunities for each other against zone defense. I was so pleased with the shot selection from the three point stripe today, and I thought we were really able to create terrific opportunities for people. Jennifer (O’Neill) and Kastine (Evans) just had an incredible day. They were really sharp, focused, and they made some big shots. We just need to continue to work really hard on moving the basketball, and I think the players have practiced with real purpose since we left that duke game. So, I think that is just the result of some really good practice and some good attention to detail.”

23, Samarie Walker
On does it make it special to get her Coach going like he was:
“It does, especially having someone so special to me tell me that they are proud of me. Especially like a game like this, our first SEC game and it being our senior season Kastine (Evans) and I and all of the other seniors. It’s exciting.”

32, Kastine Evans 
On being so excited for Azia (Bishop) hitting back to back free throws:
“Well, I think it’s really good for Azia (Bishop). She has struggled since her freshman year. You can just see the progression, and how much she has gotten better. With her being our teammate and us being so close it just puts a smile on our face when she comes in the game and she is mentally focused, and she just goes one hundred percent from the free throw line. That just shows how much effort she has been putting in and showing she was ready for today.