Trail Talk with Stephen Payne
Junior Stephen Payne is featured.

Junior Stephen Payne is featured.

Sept. 10, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Each week, will feature a member of the men's cross country team in which the athlete will answer a few questions asked by This week, returning junior Stephen Payne, a native of Hoover, Ala., is featured. - As one of just four athletes returning from the NCAA Championship squad that placed 10th in 2008, how will that experience help you this season?

Payne - I was fortunate to see what it takes to reach the top level in collegiate running. If my legs are burning in a workout, I must press on because I know how hard everyone else around the country is working. - If you were Coach Walker, you would...

Payne - I would grow out the mullet to maximum length, shave my head, and donate the hair to Locks of Love, or whatever that hair charity organization is called. -What goes through your mind in the last few minutes before a race?

Payne - A visualization of what I want to happen in that race. - What is your favorite Tuscaloosa restaurant to eat at?

Payne - Snappy Tomato's Pizza - What is your dream job?

Payne - I would love to be a statistics professor. - When did you know you wanted run at the Division I level?

Payne - I actually wasn't sure until I joined the team here at UA, but I have no regrets.