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Meet the Tide Golfers: Junior Lance Walker


Friday, May 13, 2005

Lance Walker

By Kyle Murphy, UA Media Relations

On a team full of young, emerging talent, you’ve got to have some older leaders to show the young guys the ropes. Lance Walker is one of those leaders. One of four upperclassmen on the team, Walker is experienced enough to help Alabama’s young players improve on and off the course.

In his first ever college appearance, Walker shot an impressive 67 at the Mason Rudolph Collegiate in 2002. Last year, he played in eight tournaments where he had a 75.44 stroke average in 39 rounds. Walker also excels off the course and in the classroom, where he has earned Academic SEC honors in each of his seasons on the capstone. He served on the board of the UA Student-Athlete Advisory Council and has been active in numerous community service programs, which helped place him on this year’s SEC Golf Good Works Team.

First off, you lettered in basketball and football in high school, what led you to decide golf was the right path to take?

“Growing up, my dad was an assistant football coach so I played all sports, but my dream was to play a sport for the University of Alabama. When I became a junior in high school, I realized my best chance to play something here was to keep working on golf and it paid off.”

What is it like to be the only married member of the team? (He married the former Lori Wasden on June 26, 2004).

“It’s a little different. The guys come to me and ask about girls and sometimes want advice. It also makes me realize that golf isn’t everything. Knowing you can come home and have someone there that is pulling for you and supporting you no matter how you end up playing is a great feeling.”

You are helping out in the marketing office here at Bama and this summer you will be helping out in the Media Relations office. Tell me how that experience is going?

“It is going good. I am about to graduate in a couple of weeks and then I will be attending Grad School. Next fall I will be working with Crimson Tide Sports Marketing. Sports have been such a big part of my life and I’d be bored if I was doing something else. I’m getting a lot of good experience right now.

Do you have a specific meal you eat before you go out on the course?

“Not really. I always try to bring something along such as crackers or fruit. I always bring some water to drink as well. You can get tired out there and it is always good to have something that will get your energy up.”

So far, what’s been your best memory of playing golf for the Crimson Tide?

“Winning our Spring Tournament last year was good, but my favorite thing about being on the golf team is the relationships I have made with my teammates. We are all friends on the team and the friendships I have made playing golf are going to last forever.”