Countdown to Kickoff
Q&A with Deion Belue

Dec. 30, 2013 How do you assess your performance this season?
Belue: The thing is, you can set goals, but only so many things can happen if you get the opportunities. I set my goals high and look forward to having a great season, and I think I did have a great season. It was quiet, but it was a great season. How important is stopping Oklahoma's rushing attack?
Belue: It's very important. Once they get started, they keep on rolling. They're a tough team as it is, because their offensive line is real big and strong. If all else fails, we need to do that. If not, they have that option to run or pass any time they want to. How important is C.J. Mosley to the defense?
Belue: That man has been awesome. Considering he plays the middle, he can go sideline-to-sideline (effectively). He's been a big help, and I'd say this year has been his best year so far. How has your visit to New Orleans been?
Belue: It's my first time here in New Orleans. I had heard the stories about it: telling me to go here or there, eat at this place or that place. So far it's been great. I'm looking forward to coming back sometime soon. It's been awesome. What's been your favorite part of the trip?
Belue: I went down on Bourbon Street. That's the place that everybody talks about, and I went down there and was pretty fascinated, thinking 'this is the street they're talking about.' It was pretty cool.