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Independence Bowl: Alabama Post Game Quotes





“I’d like to thank the great Alabama fans for their support all season long.  I’d like to thank the PetroSun Independence Bowl and fine people of Shreveport-Bossier City for their hospitality all week.  I am proud of the way we competed in this game today.  This was a great win for us and our seniors go our as winners and the young guys played with a lot of resolve today and win a great game of the University of Alabama.

“We got off to a great start which means we were well-prepared. Colorado has a good team and they did a good job of coming back.  We made some mistakes in the game and let them come back. We took the challenge and actually competed and showed some great competitive character in the second half to do the things we needed to do to win the game.

??Wallace (Gilberry) had a great year, all year.  I think he had five tackles for loss in this game.  DJ (Hall) set the single-season reception record. I think all of those things are important.  It is great for their legacy has players to have those records, but I think they would all rather have the win.  That is what I am so happy and pleased about, the way this team bounced back and played in this game.  It’s great for the seniors to go out as winners, with a winning season.  It’s great for the players to come back and learn the lessons of this season.  Hopefully we will be able to build on that.”


General Comments:
"I think it all started with our preparation this week, all the time leading up to this bowl game really.  We had great focus tonight. It was really a team win.  We had some ups and downs tonight but we kept our composure and finished the game. With what happened to us the last four games (of the regular season), it really showed a lot of maturity on our part to finish it up the way we did, after the Auburn game and coming back for this bowl game and finishing it off."

On what winning the bowl game will mean to him and the team:
"It's humbling.  With everyone who has been here, it's really great.  I think this team has a long way to go, but with everything we built this year I am really optimistic.  It gives us great momentum heading into the offseason.  It can give our guys something to build on and propel us to have a good offseason of work."


General Comments:
“We just kept fighting; kept fighting. We never gave up.  Our coaches gave us the master plan, Coach Saban and Coach Steele, Coach Thompson, all of them.  They led us to this victory.  It was in front of us, but it was up to us to go take it.”

On holding off Colorado’s rally:
“John Parker and Matt Caddell had been hooking up good all day today.  We knew eventually those guys were going to break loose again, but we didn’t want to put it on their shoulders.  We definitely wanted to get another stop, but things happen for a reason and I think maybe the way we won this game is the best thing that could have happened.  That is a good team that we played tonight, and it was a great battle.  The offense went out (at the end) and took time off the clock and made it possible for us to win the ball game.”


General Comments:
“I think the Lord blessed me with a pretty great performance, but I think I could’ve done better.  I had a fumble and a dropped ball, but other than I just wanted to do what I was capable of doing for us to win.”
On how he was able to have a big game tonight:
“The coaches were just trying to give us options.  They knew that Colorado would be doubling on DJ (Hall) much of the time, so we just had to open up chances for other people to make plays and it worked out for us.”